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What if The Word was Subverted?

What if The Word was Subverted

What if The Word was subverted – a little light reading: Humanity is in serious trouble and is blind to the extreme gravity of the reality that is all around. Yet this is not really the fault of the common (wo)man who has been systematically, and by cynical design, denied their true nature for hundreds of years. Education in the Western world is little more than indoctrination and is designed to break the spirit of the young. I myself witnessed this clearly with my own child who was harried and bullied for being different to the point that I had to take him out of school early to protect him from a system designed to destroy his individuality or spirit.

In its simplest terms; the Cosmos is a big vat of soup with many different herbs, spices and ingredients which make the tasty whole. That is to say that you and I, the stars and galaxies, heavens and earth and all sentient beings, minerals and plants are one aspect of the same vast organism. And this organism is pure energy with everything dancing to different tunes. Within the whole there are things moving to a slow waltz and others rocking hard to metal and, depending on the energy of the music, the end result is very different to the manifestation of form. For form is energy in different guise and as such all things are created through frequency and vibration. Once a person fully comprehends this fundamental truth they have the power to create their own reality as thought is the fuel that stokes the boiler that feeds energy. This energy is God, the Infinite Creator or Universal Subconscious Mind.

State and Church have known this truth for very many years and have gone out of their way to hide it from the people they purport to serve. They do not have the common (wo)man’s best interest at heart and prefer to subvert energy for personal gain to the detriment of the individual ‘serf,’ animals and environment.

Personally, I have never been a lover of any organised religion and feel that all are designed to control the people. When I look around me and ponder on history I know that religion has been used to justify war and suffering since it’s invention and rather conveniently the elite come out, smelling of roses, having profited on the backs of the misery and death of those deemed collateral damage in their games of power, control and profit. There are religions which purport to care for man who systematically abuse the weak and vulnerable with impunity. This a crime against humanity condoned by the people who know what is going on but are too scared, busy or apathetic to make a stand against such evil. Sex is demonised whereas it is God’s greatest gift to his people and should be celebrated in all its many nefarious, consensual and non-violent forms. Monogamy is often sold as the only way as it makes for a tidy society but free love is God’s preference and he celebrates all manner of manifestations sexually. Then there are religions which allow for polygamy to the detriment of the females whom are deemed chattels. God, I am informed, is most displeased!

I have always shied away from naming, what I termed The Infinite Creator, God.  ‘God’ to me conjures up images of religious men pedalling doctrine and shutting down free thought but my guides in spirit insist that I call God by his true name which is, they say, ‘God.’ However, God takes no form and is neither masculine nor feminine. God is eternal energy which can never be destroyed but can be transmuted. God is the Universal Subconscious Mind and as such we are all the smallest, smithereens of a splinter, chip off the almighty block.

In the past I would have been labelled a heretic for what I write but today, whilst risking being seriously trolled, the implications of speaking my truth are far less gory and horrific. Historically those that spoke out against burgeoning religions were side-lined, ridiculed (no change there!) tortured and killed to silence dissent from the preferred narrative which aimed to shut down knowledge and freethought. Man is foolish to allow others to dictate the colour and form of their lives and as such must assume personal responsibility and change their beliefs and thoughts to change both the collective and individual reality. By doing this humanity can be saved from the grip of the psychopaths who rule over us all.

And now for the really controversial and contentious bit: Religion is a manmade concept and I am told God is not best pleased to have his name used in vain by those that do so for self-aggrandisement. Furthermore, God is most displeased with humanity and their refusal to think for themselves! The system is rigged in the favour of those at the top and religion has been hijacked by the dark; for the dark is created by erroneous thought and is indeed error whereas truth is good and truth is God.


It is a convenient invention of men of power to have created holy books which mish mash spiritual truths with lies and deception thereby creating fear, confusion and obedience. And a lucky accident, by design, that most people are happy to hand over their individual power to State and Church and righteously round on those that dare to criticise religion or democracy which is, itself, a joke of magnificent proportions. Zealots, bigots and drones abound enslaved by a system designed to do just that. I am often amazed, that in the 21st Century, so many people are blind to the manipulation that they are being subjected to. They happily stone, behead or abuse any voice that speaks out against the manufactured, deceptive truth.

So, What if Gods word was subverted? Religion is evil as it is the invention of man to control fellow man. I am told that there is no such thing as a holy book – all are fabrications conceived to control and all are to be dismissed! Before religion was invented man believed in the seasons of the earth and was grounded, he was free to do as he pleased without fear of judgement from higher authorities invented to control his every move. This collective belief spanned earth and is still in existence today. It is called Paganism and is still frowned upon by those in power as it understands and celebrates the true nature of reality and allows for individuals to step into their own unique power.

Paganism is the only true faith and I am asked to stress that this is the word of ‘God.’

Man is responsible for creating reality and by allowing the State and Church, and more recently corporation, to control freethought we unwittingly hand them the tools to create mayhem and destruction all around.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)