10 Affirmations to Help You Positively Influence Energy

The Power of Words

10 Affirmations to Help You Positively Influence Energy.

There are people who inherently understand that communication is energy, word-ly wizards who acknowledge the sway of syllables. Imagine if you could learn the magical power of words to influence the world for the greater good of all. A super power which allowed you to positively communicate to help restore balance and harmony in our troubled reality.

Earth is but a small land in the multiverse where, sadly, most people have forgotten who they truly are. This inability to remember their true essence of being sees humanity on a path to destruction. Most are kept purposely too busy to raise their heads above water to be able to discern truth, let alone perceive the desolation that threatens us all – for true evil walks amongst us.

A small monied minority, self-anointed global leaders and their lackeys, are hellbent on stealing everything from the masses including their freedoms, and life.  I call them The Dark.

The Dark are masters at manipulation. Through the use of words they create fear, division, hate, apathy, disease. They have spent many years studying the occult, energy and spell casting which carries vibrations with the ability to manipulate people, circumstances and outcomes. Repetition is key to success.

The good people of our world can do the same! We can use language and positive affirmations to readdress the balance on a local level. In our everyday existence it can be easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed and ineffectual in the face of such an adversary but we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe.


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When Words are Energy.

The power of the written, and spoken word should never be underestimated. When we feel small, and ineffectual, we would be wise to remember this, and choose our words mindfully.

For instance: a person should never protest at an anti-war rally, rather they should protest at a pro-peace rally. Or, when asked about their well-being, a person should never say I’m ill, rather they should say, I’m getting better, or, I’m on the mend. We should never tell anyone that they are a failure, better to say I have faith in your ability to overcome your difficulties.

We should be careful to always put a positive slant on our words and, whilst this is not easy as we are too often used to being negative or self deprecating, by so doing we will observe greater positivity, and hope around us. The energy of such positive utterances and writings helps to influence, and raise the collective vibration in our world which is a vibrational reality.

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10 Affirmations to Help You Positively Influence Energy

1. I affirm that the words I choose daily are of a positive nature to spread happiness, hope and well-being to all who encounter them.

2. I give thanks for the language that enables me to be kind to all those I encounter in my daily life.

3. I am a divine soul, loved by the creator, here to share my light.

4. The kind words I choose are my gift to humanity.

5. I choose my words carefully to show others the way.

6. Through the use of playful words I create joy and laughter.

7. I give no energy to words that have the potential to cause offense and harm.

8. My tone and choice of vocabulary helps to heal humanity.

9. My gentle words help to create peace.

10.  I am a warrior for peace – kind, considered words are my weapon of choice.

These affirmations, some/all or others of your own making in a similar vein, should be repeated out loud several times a day to reinforce your positive intention, and the power held within their saying.  Should you scoff, or doubt the efficacy of such a practice I ask you to consider the continual pumping of negative messaging we are bombarded with daily through media channels and newspapers, and the ability it holds to sway popular opinion and manipulate people to a desired place or action.

I hope my 10 Affirmations to Help You Positively Influence Energy have inspired you.

10 Affirmations to Help You Positively Influence Energy

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