6 Eyeopening NFT Marketplaces You Should Visit Today

6 Eyeopening NFT Marketplaces You Should Visit Today

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Read on to discover 6 Eyeopening NFT Marketplaces You Should Visit Today to help you better understand the NFT literary and art world, and start earning as a side hustle.




NFT’s, or non fungible tokens, for those new to the lingo are tokenised digital offerings which are stored on the blockchain with traceable proof of ownership. With the advent of this digital format, and subsequent online marketplaces/galleries, a person may spend many happy hours immersed in the work of talented creatives that would otherwise remain largely invisible. Moreover, the NFT market is ever expanding with reputable auction houses, notably Sothebys, offering for sale the works of elite creators.

To participate in these marketplaces, either as publisher, collector or both, a person requires specific, and varying cryptocurrency held in relevant wallets. Once a wallet has funds it is possible to publish and acquire assets. When we publish a work, or make a purchase, the transactions are recorded on the blockchain. This is called minting.

Personally, for many years I pondered the possibility of moving image/spoken word artworks but never followed my curiosity as the only way to monetize this work was through high end galleries. With the advent of NFT’s, gatekeepers are theoretically gone.  In the virtual NFT realm we can experiment and share works which would have been nigh on impossible to present to an audience prior to web 3. We can also support and collect works from our creative peers, and integrate into vibrant communities which sometimes meet up in the real world.

Poetry has always been a niche creative form, but with the advent of NFT’s writers have a great opportunity to present spoken word/multidisciplinary work to an engaged, savvy audience.



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6 Eyeopening NFT Marketplaces You Should Visit Today

1. Objkt

I personally exhibit, and sell my works, on Objkt as it is an affordable alternative to other marketplaces  which can be expensive on gas fees when minting work. There is a great community of poets and writers which keeps me coming back for more.

2. Opensea

Here all manner of digital art is available to view and collect. Opensea is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces offering everything from GIF to music. It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Klatyn, Base, Avalanche, Zora and Optimism blockchains.

3. Rarible

It is possible to buy and sell art, collectibles, video game assets and NFT’s on Rarible with Ethereum, Polygon, Tezo and Immutable X. Fees apply. Rarible also has its own in house token RARI, which allows holders to vote on company policy.

4. SuperRare

This marketplace is high end. It can be difficult to be selected to exhibit/sell on this platform. That said it has a solid reputation for showcasing great artwork which takes some of the risk out of collecting for investors.

5. fx(text)

The place to peruse, and publish experimental literary works.

6. 8scribo

Home of spare, diminutive poems that pack a punch. Traditional haiku is reputed to be more than 800 years old; this marketplace showcases its modern day cousins, which are shown in chronological order on the marketplace feed.


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Online, a person may view for free a plethora of works – and, by opening up an online wallet relevant to the coin and chain of the virtual NFT gallery/market space, collect works astutely for investment, to flip or keep for the joy of collecting.

For now my portfolio is on Objkt.com which uses Tezo. Personally I have a Kukai wallet. I invite you to browse my works HERE and ask that you consider purchasing as this is a way to help support this site, my creativity and ability to spread a message of hope in dangerous times.

If poetry is your thing and you have a little time to mooch, click HERE for a quick fix of word-ly delights!

Best; Linda.


I live in a field in Eastern Europe and rely on modest, diminishing savings and sales of my NFT’s to make ends meet. Times are tough for many folks these days. I am better situated than many, but still unable to help others in need. A practicing, self-employed artist for very many years my work is solid. I dream of being in a position to offer assistance to others, as well as provide security for myself, poorly husband and animals. If you are feeling flush, and like my work, any support you are able to offer is most appreciated. Click HERE to view my portfolio. You are able to acquire/collect my work via Crypto coin Tezo or USD.