6 Reasons You Should Laugh Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Life can be a drudge at times, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed by day to day living. So, below, I list 6 reasons you should laugh like your life depends upon it.

But first –

A Tale of Bear

It was a beautiful spring morning but bear awoke from hibernation with a sore ass. The sun shone bright but Bear was not happy; he had forgotten the joys that awaited him in the forest. The berries and bees, blossom and trees. Too concerned with his sore backside was he to embrace the coming seasons. Wandering the wilderness Bear stumbled upon Rabbit who was full of the joys of spring.

“Why the long face Bear?” Rabbit asked. Bear scowled then replied – “I appear to have lost my mojo. And I have a sore ass!” “Have you been sitting in a nettle patch, or sleeping with fire ants?” Rabbit asked. “No.” Replied Bear.  At that moment Moose rounded the corner carrying a bright pink balloon. “Whats all this about Bear being grumpy?” He demanded; “Here.” He said as he offered Bear the balloon. Bear grasped it clumsily in his claw-y-paw – it burst. Rabbit and Moose also burst. Into laughter at the sight of Bear’s confusion.

Then, Moose offered Bear a herbal salve to ease his sore derriere, and a joke to brighten his day – “Bear.” he started, “What does a bear with a sore bum and a burst balloon do to be happy?” Bear scratched his head. “Simple.” Replied rabbit; “He  puts them behind him, and carries on his day!”


6 Reasons You Should Laugh Like Your Life Depends Upon It.

1. Because it does! Quite literally laughter is the key to well-being and potential longevity.

“Why fish on Friday?” Fish asked Friday. Simple my fish-faced-findus-finger-friend;” Friday replied – “alliteration.”

2. Laughter is of a high vibration; it sends good vibes into the world which help counter the negativity which hangs heavy upon us all.

6 reasons you should laugh like your life depends upon it.

3. We should not take ourselves, nor the world we live in too seriously. Better to find humour in our foibles, and the everyday madness that threatens us all. Believe me, death is not to be feared, more scary is to live life depressed, distressed or surrounded by mood hoovers who suck the joy from one’s marrow.


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4. Laughter is a great bonding experience which keeps connections strong and healthy.

5. A good laugh sets a person up for a good day. When you wake try to rise and shine with a smile and watch as those you interact with respond positively to your vibe.

6. Laughter is attractive. Become a giggle magnet!

Iron filings were morose. Corroded, they sat on the workbench utterly unimpressed with the world.  Magnet arrived, a fine hunk of polarized metal, quick wit and repartee; filings were soon enough pulled out of their funk.

I hope my 6 Reasons You Should Laugh Like Your Life Depends Upon It, resonate with you and leave you with this final thought – you’re a long time dead funny bones!

Best wishes always;



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