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A World of Indoctrination

A World of Indoctrination

Ask anyone whether they are awake, aware, free thinking and free and most will, without taking a moment to think into this proposition, answer with a resounding and adamant ‘Yes.’ And yet we live in a world of indoctrination. Intrigued by my opening gambit I ask Mr GA, Guardian Angel, Matthew what percentage of folks are considered unindoctrinated by the spirits upstairs and he speedily responds;

‘Ah Linda, this is indeed an interesting question and one we are happy to discuss with you. It is a difficult one to answer with any degree of accuracy as not only are there degrees of indoctrination but there are many people who are intuitively aware of ‘truth’ and yet unaware that they are! On a quick reckoning we here in spirit feel that, of the world population, there are only about 20% of the people who are free thinking and who clearly see the games that are being played by those in positions of power. This is a paltry number of aware souls who are usually side-lined and scorned for being clear thinking. For, in truth, society does not like those who are different and chose to live life on their own terms. As time passes these people will be proved right with their predictions of control and misery but for now, they are condemned as delusional and branded conspiracy theorists. In the coming years, rather than be revered, they will be hunted and silenced but, for now, these people are those that others should be listening to if anyone is to have a chance at surviving the elites plans to destroy 98% of humanity.’


Those in power play us for fools. Relentlessly trotting out dirty tricks to confuse, divide and conquer. This all starts from earliest childhood when young, malleable minds are seized and force fed a diet of half- truths in stuffy classrooms where all dissent is ruthlessly squashed.

Indoctrination is rife.

In my life time I have seen great social change and realise that the generation of my parents, and to a lesser degree that of my own, were blessed. We inherited the golden years on the back of great suffering and sacrifice of those of previous generations who fought hard for the rights of the average (wo)man and child. And yet, by design, all the hard-won rights of the common (wo)man and child are being systematically destroyed as the globalists steer the ship cynically onto the rocks. And the thing I find most troubling is the younger generations complete insouciance in the face of danger!

Now please, do not get me wrong: A person can only know what they know. The lack of discernment, knowledge or the ability to think clearly through indoctrination is not the fault of the individual. Whilst we are all powerful divine beings we are under constant attack.


Yet, I am here to tell anyone willing to listen that clear thinking, and the ability to see plainly, are the order of the day if humanity is to have any meaningful chance of survival in the coming years.

Our rights are slowly being eroded under our very noses and most are blindingly unaware of this truth. Those of us of a certain age are, on balance, somnolently blundering through our days and the younger generations have been duly denied free thought, and freer more flexible social systems and hence know no better. As time passes our basic human rights will be so diminished as to leave us floundering as we starve and die of disease and wars which will soon touch ‘civilised’ shores.

The other day I experienced a run in with a company that sold me a plugin for this very website which illustrated succinctly all that is unravelling before our closed eyes! Without boring you with the less than scintillating details of my annoyance, I tell you that I was mightily unimpressed with their lack of personal service and ability or willingness to be discerning or flexible in their dealings with me. Indeed, they justified their lack of flexibility in the face of a wholly reasonable request by quoting that their stance was industry standard and that profits were paramount! They even went so far as to tell me that I was wrong to expect an individual service and that this again was how their industry operated – and that, was pretty much that! The three individuals that dealt with me were all, judging by their profile pictures, in their twenties and were adamant that this was the way of the world. Whilst polite they were intransient and could not understand my desire for a society where personal service reigned: this is likely something that they have rarely experienced as profits for shareholders today trump the rights of customers across the board. They had been successfully indoctrinated to accept a less than consumer friendly company policy and, willingly, sold their personal integrity to uphold the directive.

This got me thinking about the time I went to my Bank Manager as a young woman to ask for an extension on my business overdraft. I waltzed into my local branch and was ushered into the Bank Managers office where we discussed my needs. After a convivial chat the manager agreed to my request of $1000 increase on my overdraft despite my account being less than rosy. He said;

‘Miss Dacey your account does not warrant an overdraft extension ordinarily but I have faith in you and,’ beaming, he continued, ‘what are rules for if not to be broken?!’


Back in the day loans, mortgages etc were considered on an individual basis and the character and track record of an individual was assessed and taken into account before making a decision. These days finance is governed by computer algorithms and credit scoring and, in China, they now also have social scoring – (coming to a country near you soon!) Through monitoring an individuals’ movements, shopping habits, work records etc a score is assigned which allows, or disbars them, from certain activities such as travel!

There is a movement gaining momentum to undermine our human rights but infringements, such as personal microchipping, are already being sold to the young as a means to improve their safety and make life easier; imagine – no keys and instant access by swiping your hand at a cash machine to get your funds or go shopping with ease. What is omitted is the true agenda of GPS tracking and complete control over the individual – the ability to turn a person ‘off’ if deemed undesirable.

Through indoctrination, and normalisation, abominations become accepted as people refuse to think for themselves and quietly hand over their autonomy to state and institution.

Times are getting desperate and now, the spirits tell me, it is time for people to wake up.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)