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Affirmations are the Key to Kickass Manifestation

the art of affirmation

Affirmations are the key to kickass manifestation and creating the life you desire and deserve and should be considered as an artist’s brush to paint a picture of the reality you dream of. They have the power to change a persons’ life irrevocably to the point that it becomes unrecognisable to themselves and others. The art of affirmation is creation on steroids!

Copyright 2018. Linda Dacey-Laforge.

Affirmations are a gift from the Universe which allows an individual to create exactly what they wish for through thought which is the main energetic drive of the Law of Attraction. There are many people online selling courses on how to manifest the perfect life but they are mainly false prophets selling false hope.

Anyone can have the life of their dreams by simply adopting the practice of affirmations daily and these affirmations can be as simple or complex as a person desires. For instance, I myself often affirm: I Am Success, I Am Abundance but then throw a more complicated affirmation into the mix such as: I Am a Powerful Divine Being and I emphatically refuse any and all forms of communication with the dark!

These affirmations need to be said daily to gather momentum and power and I try to repeat them, as well as many others, morning and night as a matter of routine. Visual image boards and playing your perfect life scenario out in the theatre of your mind is unnecessary twaddle – all a person needs to do is commit to the practice of daily affirmations and miracles will happen.


The Universe is always listening and has big ears and is happy to oblige but, be careful, for it has no conscience and does not differentiate between good and bad and so wrong thought can easily cancel out the best held and repeated affirmation. Everything is energy and like attracts like and this is the law of attraction which is manifestation of all reality.

And so, to help you on your way I have designed a range of products with simple, super charged affirmations for your delectation and you can browse my full range, which I will be adding to regularly, HERE.

You might find this HERE of value.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)