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Big news! For a few years I have been writing several books and I have now published my first novel – Cold Heart in Eden. This is a work of fiction which explores human frailties, love, fantasy and sexual desire.

Cold Heart in Eden – a delicious human interest tale. Laced with desire, intrigue and murder, with a smattering of the esoteric. A modern day Agatha Christie-esque read, set in a secret hotel in a far off frozen land – where good people do naughty things!


The Dungeon

The room was dimly lit and the five hung, in a line, manacled to the wall. They wore only their underwear. The young men were toned with muscles rippling from stomach to groin. Two wore silk boxers, two – tight designer label briefs which accentuated the form of their aroused manhood. Beside them, the lone girl wore matching bra and knickers – of honest design with a delicate lace trim detail.  The brassiere was underwired and pushed her fulsome breasts together creating ample cleavage. The knickers were of a modest cut, satin which was softer and smoother than vestal skin to touch. Blood red, the undies complimented the girl’s skin tone – icy white with a subtle tinge of blue; reminiscent of the frozen landscape outside. Not that the five could see outside for they were in what the hotel called a fantasy suite which, sound proofed, had no windows and was a world unto itself. They were blindfolded. The dungeon was sparse and eerily silent except for their laboured breathing – for each wore a gag. They waited. Confused. Wondering what was going to happen next.

The Hotel Eden

At the foot of a chilled mountain, nestled amongst pine forests cloaked in crisp white snow, is a castle which is modest by castle standards – rather resembling a manor house with grand ambition. This castle stands graciously in a clearing where virgin snow sparkles in the watery sunlight. And the muffled silence is thick with promise. The entrance way, which is rarely used, is of carved granite stone and, with the sills of the vast array of half fan and rectangular windows, draws the eye as all else is anaemic monotone – hues of the purest, palest greys with tinges of blue sparkling as the icicles that hang seductively far above. The architecture of this building defies formal classification – it is a hybrid structure of whimsy and delight with turrets, gables and a rooftop walk way, with crenelated stones, affording views of unparalleled, stark whiteness.

This building was borne of a man who made his fortune through the plundering of heritage from far-flung lands; an unscrupulous fellow who, afraid of losing his wealth, withdrew from society – building himself a home that his contemporaries thought a folly. For the castle is miles from civilisation and its original owner rattled around its vast interior alone – albeit for a skeleton, pasty skinned staff. When he finally passed, for he lived an isolated existence for many years in his frozen foible, the castle remained forgotten and empty for decades, prior to being purchased at auction, by an undisclosed someone who mysteriously placed a sealed bid.  This someone worked for an exceedingly rich other whose plan it was to open an establishment, for those of unlimited means – dedicated to exquisite pleasure.

You can read more about this book over on my newly launched author site HERE or simply

Over on my author site, I have three more exciting projects on the go which may be of interest to you. I invite you to pop by for a mooch, and encourage you to join me on this wordly journey.



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I am feeling mouldy! When my spiritual team announced, back in March 2020, that the world would never again be as it were before the Covid-Con I realised that what we were about to witness was The End of Days. Not one for biblical references, I have never read any religious texts, this meant little to me beyond great change and possible destruction.

Sadly, over the course of the last fourteen months, I have intuitively called events prior to their rollout despite shunning traditional research. (I prefer to rely on my own senses, intelligence and connections with consciousness beyond sight.) But the utter speed, and cynicism of the evil being perpetrated on humanity has taken me by surprise. As has the compliance of fools who refuse the council of wise souls who speak truth.

Most of my family, friends and acquaintances are now vaccinated and I weep as corrupt politicians, and their slack-mouthed-drivelling cronies start the wholly predictable narrative of variants – and falsely documented deaths which are now to be attributed to the non-vaccinated. (Riddle me this: are vaccines not, by definition, meant to protect the recipient from infection?)

This vaccine – gene therapy, (I call it the NWODeathDose), is a big fat hungry wolf dressed in sheepskin; cooked up to take humanity down. Covid is the flu rebranded, and now the real virus is pumping around in trusting fools’ veins who, with the CDC now announcing the vaccinated no longer needing to be masked, can cough and huff whatever noxious cocktail of delights they host freely upon us all!

The game plan is so transparent to those of us able to see but, regrettably, the majority of people have proven themselves to have the intelligence of amoebas throughout this sorry scam.

Society is to be splintered into many groups. All differences exploited for fear and hate to create in-fighting, distrust and collaborative tendency. Soon enough rewards will be posted to turn unvaccinated individuals over to the authorities who will ruthlessly dispose of the voices of dissent.

We are being attacked on all fronts and, within one year, global economies will collapse. Hyper inflation will see us scrabbling around like chickens trying to survive as ‘they’ continue to bombard bodies with poisons, and minds with propaganda.

Chaos is their aim. A carefully planned and orchestrated war amongst common man who will descend into feral. Oh! How they laugh at us all – the useless feeders.

And, all of this leaves me wondering how a person is to remain defiant and cheerful in the face of such darkness?

The following is channeled:

Linda, man is facing unprecedented times and sadly most are already lost to the dark having submitted to their lies, and now their poisonous injection. Humanity is to be destroyed and you are in for a rough ride but truly there is nothing to fear. For you see the dark are about to score an own goal having inflated their ranks with inferior intelligence which will see them on the back foot soon enough. Your world is just a small part of the bigger picture which sees the dark outnumbered; and, by doing what they are doing on earth, they are rendering the light a great service – for the dross will be disposed of and the true light will rise again. But until then, you must remain stoic and calm. Integrity is all a person, the soul, retains when passing back to spirit and the soul cannot allow itself to be tainted by evil. Those who are truly light are few and far between but will remain so as they have always done throughout the years. They, you, must find joy in nature and in your daily life and refuse to be sucked into their vortex of hate and recrimination for no good comes from being bitter and angst ridden. My advice to all of the light is to view the coming months and years as a curious anomaly and a challenge to survive in the darkest of days. You will lose many you love but know that in spirit are many, many more who are truly worthy of your love who are walking by your side – if only people could see. You are never alone and have only to ask for help and fortitude and your teams will step up their efforts to keep you safe from harm and give you the courage required should you be compromised. Love and laughter are the weapons of the light against darkness so make merry and refuse their chaos and you will find your days pass peacefully until you are called home.

With Love xox

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Like reading? I have just published my first novel – Cold Heart in Eden.

5 Star Review
…A thoroughly entertaining and addictive read that’s well written with a wide vocabulary, and engaging story-line. With strong characters, this intriguing tale left me dazzled by the opulent, decadent world of the Hotel Eden. Laforge leaves the reader satiated, yet eager for more…

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Divide and Rule

Covid19 is here to stay and is a perfect ruse to herald in a New World Order that will see most of us ruined. And, as if the cruelty of mental abuse from governments for the last year has not been enough, they are now using whatever means at their disposal to ramp up further hate, fear and division. Divide and rule is the order of the day.

From a spiritual perspective there is nothing more stupid than to create sub-sections within the social structure. Yet this is what man has done, and been guided to do, for centuries. To identify as human a truly enlightened person should see no visible difference between all men; which is to say that the physical body is truly of little consequence.

If you met me on the street you would see a lady of little interest. I am not physically striking – white, I have greying hair, am no longer as youthful as I might wish and am carrying a few extra pounds. I am easily judged and dismissed. However, like you, I am more than meets the eye, for we are all eternal spirit and soul in temporary physical body and the consciousness which animates the body is formless energy. And my energy is surprisingly more youthful, true and feisty than most twenty years old, which is to say I would be dismissed as old when in truth I am without age. My physical appearance and life situation belie my true identity.

The point here is that a person can be whatever, or wherever, and remain the same – for the essence of all is energy, and energy cannot be anything more or less than what it truly is.

Specifically, all people are the same on a quantum level regardless of visible differences, for all people are consciousness and consciousness does not require physical form to be.

Therefore, all labels and distinctions which create suspicion, dislike and division are false and could be considered evil.

Yet man is partial to pigeon holing one another, and keener still on defending their tribe and showboating their particular affiliation to the detriment of those who do not align with their vision. And those that yank our chains know this only too well as they fuel division, pumping out endless lies, false flag theatre and propaganda to keep difference front of mind. Thereby diverting attention from the main act and their own manipulative, grubby deeds.

The true distinction that is of value to mankind should not to be based on the physical appearance, or even beliefs, but rather on the actions of an individual which can be easily assessed as light, dark or fair to middling. The nature of the energy that animates the consciousness if you will.

To end, I caution you to refuse to be played further by un-appointed masters whose aim is to pitch you, me and the other against one another by creating a rancid stew where-by we do their dirty work, destroying humanity and light, for them.

What we are witnessing is a war as never before where our minds are under attack and those that fall for transparent lies and manipulation fall to darkness!

Be strong. Refuse their game and know that united we truly would be invincible.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

What If?

What If?

What if what we are witnessing unfold is part of a grand plan to expose the dark and eventually oust them from earth eternally?

It has been a year now since all our lives were turned topsy-turvy-turd-style-upside-down and sideways. And, for those that see clearly, we now inhabit a world which no longer looks familiar. The faceless elite, who operate in the shadows pulling strings and levers – and yanking the chains of their henchmen, are laughing at the ease with which the majority of weak assed fools have allowed them to destroy their lives.

For now, statistically, the fallen are few – first wavers who were always vulnerable due to reliance on state and debt, but in the coming months those that believe themselves inoculated against financial ruin and destitution will also feel the noose tightening around their necks and this, cruel as it may sound, is not a bad thing as, in most cases, it is warranted.

I myself know many smug folks who believe themselves secure in their castle; sadly, their walls are about to be breached. For no one is to be spared the ignominy of ruin. The dark plan is for all ‘common man’ not of the chosen ‘bloodlines’ to be diminished. Dead by a thousand paper cuts! The ‘useless feeders’ are to be culled and, if nothing else, this whole debacle has highlighted that most people are selfish, useless fools deserving of this stinking title!

What? I hear you scream! How can someone who purports to be light say such a heinous thing? Well, it really is quite simple – those that through silence or their actions condone the dark, that consumes us all, are indeed useless feeders and of no consequence to all that is light and true. And, for the new-age-love-light-namaste-brigade who read this, let me highlight that there is a huge difference between judging and assessing which sees me full of compassion for those who have fallen to the dark.

So, I am starting to believe that this whole sad and sorry affair is necessary. Humanity had lost its way with a culture of false fame, tits and satanic evil at the helm. Wannarbes everywhere consumed by their egos and perceived status of being the hero of the day. People too busy to lend their family, friends and neighbour a helping hand. Guarding their assets furiously and refusing to share their fortune with those less fortunate. Swathes of the populations of the world too busy and self-absorbed, or even remotely interested, in truth and exposing corruption. Human trafficking, sexual predation and the exploitation of the young, weak and vulnerable. Obsessed by dollars, shiny trifles and themselves most people happily continue to ignore all that lurks in the shadows.

Man has become an ugly beast and this less than Great Reset will be a painful and humbling affair for many as they witness the dwindling and theft of their assets and the death of the life they loved and the select few they hold dear.

Dark times are here and darker are coming.

We have front row seats to ‘The End of Days.’ But what if this was a planned inevitability to eradicate the dross and allow the light to rebuild a fair, more equitable, and sustainable world whereby man, despite all beautiful differences, lived in harmony and were equal?

I think I might be onto something! And, with this in mind, I find acceptance and that I am more able to let go and let be whilst living my best reality and continuing to cook up inventive ways to stymie the dark!

With Love xox

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

A World Spiralling Out of Control

A World Spiralling Out of Control

Our world is sliding into chaos and whatever happens things will never be as they were before March 2020. We are witnessing light & dark: a world spiralling out of control. This is not necessarily a bad thing for our societies have been built upon nepotism and corruption at levels that are only now becoming apparent to many people; but the revelations of the last 10 months are just the tip of a very dark and cold iceberg and once the veil is lifted completely many people will fall to despair and be horror stricken. For our beautiful world is in the hands of lackeys of The Dark Lord. And when I say this I am not talking metaphorically!

You see in the Universe there are two main bodies of energy – light and dark and these manifest as good and evil. Historically people have chosen to personify these states as God and the Devil – I call them Th’all and The Dark Lord. But this is far too simplistic a definition and does not allow for all the degrees of variance between these polar opposite personages.

I have mentioned before that for every 1 light soul there are 1000 dark souls upon our earth and, in recent months, I fear that this claim has been proven to be true as seemingly good people have fallen into the trap of enablers for evil. These people are weak-willed and, if pure evil is black, they fall somewhere along a grey-hued-gradient that ends in pure white for light and goodness. These humans are extremely dangerous – for they are easily manipulated and prideful and, despite all contrary evidence, are too egotistical and fragile to admit that they are wrong when confronted with solid evidence. Sadly, they are in the majority.

When someone is dark to the nth degree it is far easier to dismiss them. Yet, when a soul is grey hued it becomes confusing and far more difficult to give up on them. But, sadly, this is what those of the light must do for it is these people who soon enough progress from enabler to collaborator and, believing themselves virtuous, happily turn on their neighbours, friends and family as things gather momentum.

And things are gathering momentum.

The words I write come from spirit. They  wish to emphasis that on a collective level what we are witnessing will not end well – but they do not want to seed fear or dread. Rather they wish those of a lighter disposition to acknowledge the futility of trying to save everyone and, instead, concentrate closer to home.

Time is running out to save ourselves and we can no longer waste it trying to convince others of truths they are unable or unwilling to accept. Each of us is on our own journey. So, we should create networks within our local communities of support, and work only with those that understand the gravity of the situation we all face.

Myself I have moved to Eastern Europe where the slide into madness is slower due to limited governmental resources; but sadly, in the western world, there is nowhere to hide or run that will not be affected eventually.

It really is a question of slowing the rot down to give ourselves a fighting chance; for soon enough all that we hold dear, family and hearth, will be stolen from us if we do not act.

So, what to do? This is a complex question to answer as there are as many ways to sidestep tyranny as people alive -which is to say that how we choose to react to this threat is an individual choice.

Personally, I am moving to turn my back on society. I will live a smaller more arduous life under the radar. Prepared to lose much, on my own terms, with my husband we are creating our ‘Oasis of Peace.’ To do this has already incurred great sacrifice. We have moved from the home of our dreams to a lesser abode in a country that holds no sway in our hearts. Like millions of mothers before in wartime I am resigned to losing my son. He does not share my grit and fire for freedom against injustice and we no longer reside in the same country. I fear he will slide into this digitally lobotomised tyranny, and my heart aches. I weep often.

Daily Rick and I learn new skills. Researching homesteading, self-sufficiency and survival techniques. I am teaching myself the ways of nature, foraging and herbalism. We are stock piling items such as hardware, haberdashery and ironmongery. Come springtime we will head out into the wilds to practice our skills.

To be human is to be free and to exercise freewill but the elite see us as vermin – useless feeders to be culled and enslaved. And then fused with artificial intelligence to be drone workers for their corporations. Many are already half way there working jobs for masters who have no regard for them. Companies such as Amazon and most of the big box stores, brands and tech companies fall into this category. They are cynically enslaving people for their own profit and nefarious means.

Their great reset is anything but for you and I.

To survive free means shunning the comforts we are accustomed to – and this is not for all souls for we are not all born equal and most do not have the courage required to tell the masters to fuck off! For to do this makes one public enemy number one where eventually the only real option will be to gather arms and create resistance cells in the hills.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit. I do not charge for wisdom shared nor sell any products. I spend £45.00 per month on hosting plus many unpaid hours working to assist humanity for no financial reward. I live small on a shoestring. Any help you are able to extend is much appreciated.)

Freedom is Our Birth Right

Freedom is Our Birth Right

Freedom is worth far more than gold and yet it has been systematically frittered away in exchange for mere trifles – naught but alloy, shiny baubles, by man who knows not what (s)he does. As a woman of a certain age, I have witnessed freedom being eroded over my lifetime. Governments and institutions have curtailed us all by an insidious creep which leaves most unable to perceive the tightening of the noose; but the noose is most definitely less comfortable to wear than thirty years ago. This is a travesty for humankind for, along with the exercising of freewill, freedom is our birth right.

To be human is to be an autonomous being that is allowed to live life on their own terms whilst respecting the world and all who live upon it; but those that deem themselves superior to common man have decided to play God and deny us all our mind and freewill.

Since March, much has changed with the pseudo pandemic conceived to cower and control. Today we are on the precipice of an abnormal ‘New Normal’ which plans to deny us our sovereignty and cynically do our thinking for us. This is wholly unacceptable. It means that each and everyone of us is to be denied the lessons that earth school so bountifully offers.

For we are spirit in physical form and here to facilitate the growth of our soul. The plans the global elite have set into motion will see us chipped and genetically modified via dirty, mandatory vaccines which will, eventually, see those that survive their intended genocide fused with artificial intelligence. No longer allowed, or even able, to think for themselves we will resemble cowering dogs! This sounds fantastical but it is a very real, bleak prognosis for those who must return again to earth, upon passing, to complete their ascension process!

I am not, nor ever will be, a political beast – for in my book politics, and politicians are snide shills who hold no appeal. Yet, I am one who detests injustice and has always been aware that there is more to life than meets the eye. These days I am a messenger for the Higher Angelic Realms who wish to convey the following:

‘Freedom is your birth right and any that deny this are foolish, if not evil. Humanity is facing hard times as contrived lack, famine, homelessness, disease etc is on the horizon and, to survive, government will mandate ever more stringent and ridiculous rules, then laws, in exchange for your supposed well-being. For world governments are in cahoots to cull and enslave common man under the guise of caring.

There is enough land and resources for every single man, woman and child to live a comfortable and secure life and there is simply no justification for depopulation. Man is fully able to self-regulate but for hundreds of years has been herded and corralled into a system designed to create dependence on state. And through this need freedom is stolen.

Those in power tell you of global warming but neglect to tell you of the chemicals and technologies they employ to create imbalance and ‘natural’ disasters. Nor do they speak of their unethical business practices which wholesale deplete and poison forests and ecosystems. Preferring to blame the poor farmer who tends his negligible herd on drought ridden land, they call for depopulation!

They spout lies, and create false enemies to justify unnecessary wars and sanctions upon nations, already weak, who dare to resist their will. They create false famines. And tell of illness and cure, whilst neglecting to tell you that they are responsible for setting the scene for disease to take hold. They say nothing of bioweapons created in laboratories, which are let loose to work dark magic upon populations – thereby justifying further vaccines year on year. Potentially lethal cocktails, of heinous ingredients, designed to undermine the immune system. And create more illness allowing the generation of more profit for the diabolic fat cats who, playing God, prescribe expensive medicines to supposedly heal what they have so cruelly harmed. This, prior to the victim suffering, then passing back to spirit before their allotted time – just another statistic in the classified files of depopulation.

You see, man came to earth as a highly balanced organism but through life choices foisted upon him by the elite – unsanitary living quarters, stress and unnatural work patterns, poisoned water, poor-quality food, general lack etc, the organism unable to cope – turned upon itself and created further disease.

Still, there is nothing new here. This plan, to undo humanity, has been a long time in the making – and it is not our intention to dwell on the negative. Rather our message is meant to inspire.

Freedom is within your grasp but to snatch hold a person must be prepared to turn their back definitively on society; for society is brainwashed to believe the warped narrative spoon fed them from birth. And, with Covid 19 – which is nowt but a cold like flu for healthy individuals, those in power can now more easily identify the dissenters!

To turn your back on society will, in due course, see you a person non grata, an outlaw, in a system that is so corrupt as to be arsenic in your tea! Not for the faint of heart, it will require you to consolidate your assets and look to ways to disappear. Whether you choose to go native in the hills, or move to a place less well trodden is up to you to decide – but decide you must if you are to retain your freedom.

Yet, this freedom may cost you dear, for in time you will no longer have access to work, housing, food, clothing, medicine, education or welfare. You will stand alone as your ancestors did but, hopefully, you will have the benefit of technological advances to lighten your load for you will have planned meticulously.

We advise those of you awake to the truth in your world, to act now. To conceive of an exit plan for. if not, you will be consumed by the beast that wishes to control you all.

And all that you hold dear will be stolen from you.

Including your spirit and soul.’

Remember: Freedom is Our Birth Right. xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Selfishness and The Soul

Selfishness and The Soul

The Soul is something that we have been indoctrinated into believing bunkum – but bunkum it is not; for we are spirit, this animates the soul, and soul in temporary physical form. The soul has been elevated to be the prize by the corrupt elite who run the shit show we witness on earth today. Through their cynically evil manipulations they intend to harvest as many souls as possible to strengthen their numbers in the etheric realms. The dark is as real as real can be and here I wish to discuss Selfishness and The Soul and how this feeds dark agendas.

What follows may read as a fairy tale but I ask you to keep an open mind for time is running out for humanity. As freethought is to be demonised and those that dare contradict the main dystopian narrative are to be victimised and silenced once and for all. Throughout the Universe all is energy. A soup of vibrational ingredients ranging from high to low frequency. There is much talk of 5D consciousness and 3D earth and ascendance and many confused teachers believe that earth is ascending as I write. Sadly, this is not true.

We are witnessing the end days and humanity as we know it is on the verge of extinction. That is not to say that earth will be destroyed or people will no longer walk upon it. Rather, we have front row seats to the greatest tragedy ever to befall humanity.

And this has been planned for millennia!

Dark forces are now emboldened and openly flout their deviance secure in the knowledge that the odds are in their favour – 1000 dark souls to every one light! And of those light many are still listening to false prophets and denying their own intuition. This is a travesty for, with the internet, we all have access to data, facts and truth if only we are not too lazy, or fearful, to scratch below the surface of misinformation and downright propaganda and lies. When we sense that all is not well in the world it is a consummate act of selfishness to not dig deeper to appraise ourselves better of what the truth might actually be.

For knowledge is power: and this is war.

Over the years we have been trained well to scorn those that dare to contradict or confront political correctness. People who have the balls to call out dimwitted, erroneous thinking. For instance, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ This is without a doubt true – but it is no truer than ‘All Lives Matter;’ but to say this finds one branded a racist! Whilst those that proclaim ‘Black Lives Matter,’ hold the moral high ground and pillory the sane souls that value all life. This is folly on speed – for the eternal soul sees not the colour of  fleeting skin, each of us having experienced many lives in many bodies strewn across many continents throughout many ages! This divisive agenda promotes selfishness. I am better than you. You are lesser than me.

And to be clear: selfishness, in all forms, is a dark trait.

The agenda here on earth is to divide and conquer – a proven battle tactic that is being played out blatantly before our very eyes. Today.

For instance – the mask! Take a simple thing such as a face covering – a seemingly innocuous and protective item to be worn to protect us against a virus. This useless covering is being forced upon us all in the name of being a caring citizen. And those less able to think for themselves are being encouraged to turn on any who dare to not comply. Snitch and Snark are happy to abuse and inform on fellow man. They are content to be manipulated to police society – doing the bidding of dark souls and thereby turning to darkness.

The dominant narrative, spoon fed us from those whom ‘purport’ to care, is blindly adopted by the somnalent masses. It spouts that it is selfish to not wear a mask – but whilst trumpeting this opinion far and wide/loud and clear people exhibit extreme selfishness. And stupidity. For the mask is an evil weapon, the thin end of the wedge on the road to purgatory! And by docilely acquiescing to the mask people pave the wave for greater dictates which will end with the theft of our children and ultimately our souls!

To support this is pure madness and consummate selfishness aka darkness for it is actually condoning pure evil.

To believe that a thin and flimsy, germ ridden face covering is protecting us shows a distinct lack of critical thinking. Yet this belief is not necessarily the fault of any individual – for we have all been subjected to years of indoctrination and lies masquerading as truth. And, despite political correctness, not all men are born equal up top! Nor are all opinions valid – for once a person is able to say that emotional intelligence and IQ are on a sliding scale it becomes pretty obvious that the opinion of an erudite, well informed, soul is not akin to that of a less blessed individual. And whilst an unsavoury statement to make this is absolute, un-politically correct, truth!

So, we have been systematically denied the knowledge/truth that we are eternal spirit animating soul. Instead, we have been corralled to forsake the spiritual, not religious for that is another tool of the manipulative Satanists, in favour of the material. And threw this trickery humanity has been undone for soon enough the technology we so enjoy will be used to create a eugenicists wet dream – a hybrid, artificial intelligence human, hollow and utterly devoid of spirit and soul. It’s every movement, thought and desire controlled to the endth degree.

Darkness will rule our world without opposition. And the balance, that all life and creation throughout The Universe relies upon, will be compromised through the harvesting of the souls, conscious energy, that fell to darkness – people too selfish to make a stand for the peace and freedom of future generations. Fools who ignorantly demonised those that stood against tyranny with words such as ‘Your selfish refusal to wear a mask endangers my children and elderly parents!’

And finally, to be clear, the mask is but the thin end of an insidious wedge as evil gains momentum. Tightening its grip on our beautiful world and sorry necks as it leads us all to death and abject misery in the guise of caring.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

RIP Faith


Today, (12.07.20,) I weep as I write for in March I adopted a pure spirit little Shit Zhu whom I named Faith. Faith did not have a bad bone in her wee body but was a greedy little mite having come from a puppy farm where she had to fight for, and gulp her food down quickly to survive. It had been five years since my puppy Bailey, a beautiful dear-headed Chihauhau, had been cruelly snatched away only 10 days after bringing him home; and I was immediately enchanted by my new furry friend, Faith. With fur as soft as silk and a cute teddy bear face and love of cuddles she was a dream come true but my team in spirit warned that her greed would be her undoing. They advised me to curb this bad habit.

Faith was my consolation in dark days. For we, Rick and I, have recently turned our backs on our long-held dream to grow old in Spain – and my only son who stubbornly remains there, due to recent world events which threaten all our freedom. The globalist elite, Luciferians, have plans for global genocide and enslavement starting boldly with Western Europe, America and Australia.

So, we reluctantly moved East, as most people blindly continue as if all is well in the world.

And, despite awakened souls seeing the pure evil that threatens us all many still do not fully comprehend the depth of depravity of the enemy who, devoid of conscience or compassion, see all loving attachments as a means to undo a light soul. And innocence easy prey.

My little dog died this morning. She unwittingly ate something laced with poison left strategically by some unscrupulous, dark soul. This was a direct attack on me by the dark, who then hijacked my frequency and told me not to worry – that she would be fine in a day or two! You see, they – the dark, fear my light and have, throughout my life, meddled and schemed to undo me. They are dirty adversaries and use all tools at their grubby disposal; including family and those a person holds most dear.

I suspect the demise of a seemingly insignificant small dog will appear unrelated to the far bigger picture of evil we witness unfurling in our world today and so, here, I will attempt to elucidate its relevance and join a few dots.

Our world is not as we have been told. Nothing is as it seems.

Of the entire world population only approximately 120.000 people, my team advise, come close to the real truth of our existence. And, of these, very few acknowledge the less savoury side of this truth which is that not all men are made of the same cloth. There are fellows of fine, bright satin and silk and fellows of courser dull weaves – which is to say a spectrum of light to grey to dark souls.

Critically, the balance of power has been skewed in favour of darkness here on earth.

Throughout the centuries those in power – the dark who wheedle, bribe, threaten, murder and manipulate to gain positions of influence, have systematically buried the truth to enable them to manipulate common man. These men, just as light souls are assisted by light entities and energies, are aided by dark entities and energies in realms unseen. Together the dark invented fire and brimstone religion to cow the masses and then, when witnessing a need for more personal spirituality they hijacked The New Age Spiritual movement and fed gullible souls politically correct tales of unconditional love and warped manifestation doctrine to disempower.

Our world is beyond compromised. It is in the vice like grip of insidious darkness which has infiltrated all governments, powerful institutions, medicine, education, corporations, media and entertainment. There is a hidden war raging here on earth, and within the spiritual realms, where uncompromising voices such as mine are a threat to evil and their satanic agendas and thus targets to be silenced.

However, slowly the veil is being lifted for courageous souls to see dark agendas in play. Fake pandemics, false flag theatre, satanic ritual,  the encouragemnet of religious intolerance, reverse racism and racism, mandatory masks, dirty vaccines, lockdowns, arrests, fines and imprisonment etc ad infinitum as the noose tightens around our necks.

And notably the normalisation of paedophilia and the heinous theft, abuse, torture and murder of innocent babies, children and youth -used in satanic rituals and for personal sexual pleasure, power and longevity.

Slavery is rife throughout the world and those at the top know and do nothing for their hands are dirty and bank balances bulging with ill gotten gains.

New Agers challenge me on truths they find uncomfortable. They tell me all is energy. That we are master manifestors’ and reap what we sow. That each of us is on a personal journey and at different levels of awareness. That love is all and they hold space and extend unconditional love to one and all. They expound that I promote fear for speaking unsavoury truth. They deem to teach grandma to suck eggs for all this I already know!

Yet there is something these people do not know which is to be the collective downfall of humanity. And it is this:

it is foolish to love evil for evil laughs at kindness and compassion and deems it weak knowing that a loving soul has a conscience and is unwilling to fall to the depths of depravity that they, the dark, are themselves prepared to do! To extend unconditional love to evil is to be an enabler of evil and tough love is required. Which is to say that a person may assess another’s failings, refuse love, but extend compassion for the soul that is lost upon the wrong path.

The time has passed to turn the other cheek. No longer is it acceptable to sit on the fence for silence is compliance. Nor can we allow foolishness or naivety a free pass. Times are desperate and each of us has a voice which we must use to protect the children; for here on earth the children are the prize and, upon passing, it is all our precious souls.

In our world we see the ascendance of The Dark Lord who aims for all to worship him, or perish.

The stuff of fantasy is in reality looming ever closer to manifestation and nothing, not religion, race, colour, creed, gender or consensual adult sexuality should separate us for ultimately, we are either good or bad souls. The battle lines are now drawn and every thinking man, woman and child must choose a side. Those that sit idly on the side -lines will perish and fall to darkness for to do nothing is a selfish act and selfishness is a dark trait not to be entertained by any light soul.

In the spiritual realms the Universe relies upon balance between the energies, light and dark, for harmony to reign. The Dark Lord knows this and aims to capture as many souls as possible to fuel chaos and disharmony throughout the far-flung galaxies, vibrational frequencies and skies.

My sweet dog, Faith, is another casualty of war – for war it is. A personal pawn used against me to quieten my voice – break my spirit and diminish my resolve. Another cynical attempt to extinguish my flame in a line of attacks far longer than most could bear.

I suspect that this makes me sound like some grief-stricken delusional fool but I can assure you I am nothing of the sort. I am a powerful messenger for the light and as a lightworker I will not be silenced despite my personal pain and isolation. My mission is to expose the falsehoods we have been fed and help people negotiate difficult times with love, humour and good grace.

The passing of a little dog is nothing compared to the loss of a child, family member or good friend; but unless people heed the warnings of the truth tellers’ death, across the globe, will become common place in the coming years.

I hear many speak that we have until 2030 to face the demons and rise but this is not true.

Our window of opportunity to stand against tyranny is small and will be closed by 2025!


So, I write this as a call to action for all able-bodied people to refuse evil and protect humanity from extinction. For extinction is on the cards  if the dark have their way. As man is to become a hybrid, pale creature fused with artificial intelligence devoid of spirit and soul.

It is time to research and be vocal about what you discover. To tune in and trust your intuition and actively strive to protect future generations from an existence that will resemble a scene from a dystopian sci fi movie.

We the people should stand as one. We should refuse all attempts to divide and conquer. Shun snitch and snark who happily do the darks bidding whilst hiding behind the innane excuse of only doing their job or being a good citizen!


So, to wrap up – I am sad for the passing of my pooch – but the anger I feel serves to fuel me to be ever more vocal and proactive against the darkness that threatens us all.

My Faith holds true and my little dog did not die in vain.

The dark scored an own goal by strengthening my resolve to expose them for the dim-witted scum they truly are.

RIP wee Faith.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

Depression is a bastard

Depression is a Bastard

With the world on the cusp of great change depression will become more common amongst the peoples and the system knows this and is striving towards destroying our mental health. By denying us freedom to go about our ordinary everyday lives they have rendered us powerless and whilst, to start with, some may feel that this is a happy event allowing them to do things that otherwise were impossible to do daily, soon enough the reality of confinement, followed by other dictates, will bite. And depression is a bastard!

I myself am a happy and energetic person but since being a small child I have abhorred any and all injustice. I was the little girl that stepped in when bullies hounded the weak until, soon enough, I realised that when the pack turned on me, I always stood alone! This latest debacle leaves my blood fizzing like an effervescent Vitamin C tablet without the boost; and I realise I am prone to slip into misery, lethargy and depression – but, like you, I must resist.

You see depression renders us a victim of circumstance and this is exactly what the system wants. A population shuffling around in fear with gloves, masks, shields and little to no interaction with family, friends, casual acquaintances and those we meet when out and about. Depression will render us desperate and compliant and apathetic to the point of acceptance.

The battle is real – this is the beginning of dark days and the ‘normal’ we knew, and loved, is to be replaced by a horrific system of control which denies each and everyone of us freewill and freedom.

And yet, individually, we can triumph by being aware of the system’s intentions and retreating into our inner worlds and personal familial sanctuaries. During this period of house arrest, allow me to call it what it truly is, we should learn to be still, perhaps meditate, and teach ourselves and dependants the importance and value of the inner being – the spirit. For each of us is visiting our world – our soul and spirits embodied in physical flesh and sinew but for a fleeting moment before returning to eternal consciousness or spirit. And, with this knowledge we can remain defiant.

Nelson Mandela is a wonderful example of a courageous spirit that refused to be cowed by the system that kept him locked up, often in solitary confinement, for twenty seven years. He is someone we should speak about to inspire us all.

Depression is a bastard state of mind and we must dig deep and protect ourselves by whatever means are at our disposal. I myself am dedicating myself to my lightworking duties with articles such as this. I am tending my vegetables and chickens; studying herbalism and cultivating my own plants. Downloading videos on how to do things as diverse as Tor and the Dark Web, canning tomatoes, and making deodorant out of cornflower/baking soda/ and coconut nut oil, (who’da known!) By doing this I am creating a go-to library of how-to knowledge, to allow myself to feel empowered. I am also downloading music and creating eclectic playlists. I am writing, embracing my work as a visual artist. And – sorry if this is more information than required, shagging my husband daily! All these activities stop me from dwelling on the less than desirable and help to raise my vibration and spirit. I suggest you do similar for this war is subliminal and the system will try to coerce you into acceptance of the unacceptable by telling you it is for yours and the collectives good. On this I call horse shit and tell them to trot on!

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)

tough love

Tough Love

Love is a subject that I come back to time and time again as it is the basis of all creation and life and fundamental for good health and wellbeing. And yet, in our world, love is so often misrepresented and abused and tough love is scorned. For, powers higher than you or I tell me, love is erroneously given unconditionally to those that are undeserving – this is a contentious statement that many take issue with but what follows is a channelled message that you may refuse or not be able to yet comprehend – but it is offered in the hope that it is received in the spirit of love and caring that it is offered:

On high we watch as your world falls into disarray and those that are good and true cannot find consensus and thereby unwittingly give the reins of control to madmen devoid of love for earth, nature and fellow man. And we weep as those who try to convey messages that contradict well versed New Age doctrine about unconditional love are deemed dark and evil. In the Universe at large are energies that jostle constantly for the advantage and in accordance with the Law of Polarity these are Light and Dark with a middle ground of ‘in between.’ These energies are seriously compromised by all that is taking place in your world these days for the balance between light and dark on earth is seriously compromised in the favour of less than auspicious energies. You have been told that love conquers all, and this is how things should be, but sadly with imbalance this truth has become compromised. In your world are 7 Billion, or so, souls and for every one true light soul there are 1000 dark – many of whom masquerade as light and sling mud at the truth tellers making their work as messengers of love and hope in troubled times even more difficult. Love is a hard thing to pin down and categorize but here I will tell you a tale that may help:

‘There was once a young boy who was born into a home where he was starved, beaten and sexually abused. As he grew, he was subjected to further abuse by teachers, neighbours and strangers and yet he remained hopeful in his life to one day find true love and peace. Many years passed before he found a woman of integrity who was deserving of his heart but in the interim, he endured an abusive first marriage and a second failed marriage that saw him used to simply better this wife’s financial status. The boy, who was now a man, never gave up on love but became discerning with whom he shared his feelings realising that not all people are equal. As time passed, he and his third wife withdrew from society as they were misunderstood. For they were different from most people and so, finally they chose to live as honest hermits.

One day in the forest they camped a small mammal came to them injured. Together the man and his third wife helped and healed the creature who grew strong and finally left. A cold harsh winter followed and the couple did not have much grain left and were concerned for their next meal. One icy morn the wife went for a cup of the husks at the bottom of the barrel only to find that all was gone! Distraught she fell to her knees and found the creature they had nursed back to health sleeping with a full stomach. Alarmed she ran for her husband who, without hesitation killed the creature before setting to work preparing it for the oven. The wife was disgusted and ranted at her husband who ever so calmly replied; ‘My Dear, we extended kindness and healed this pitiful animal and in return it ate the last of our food. This is a selfish act devoid of love and due to its actions, it revoked it’s right for unconditional love.’


 It may be your conclusion that this critter was undeserving of death but, when starvation looms, those that abuse the hand that feeds them should expect harsh and swift action detrimental to their well-being – tough love. For it is a foolish soul that spares the rod and ruins the child. That said: in normal times this wee beastie should ideally be extended leniency and forgiven its transgression. However, if it were to continue to act from a position of entitlement and selfishness, showing no remorse, love should be withdrawn for it will have shown itself to be dark and therefore undeserving of love. For darkness has no love for light and casts it as a fool. Love has to be honoured, cherished, nurtured and merited – and any that say different have been seduced by dodgy doctrines. And so, it is a brave and loving soul that stands against the consensus with truths that most refuse; knowing that they will be much maligned and scorned for speaking against accepted ‘New Age Wisdom’ cynically conceived to disempower individuals.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)