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link between creativity and enlightenment

Is There a Link Between Creativity and Enlightenment?

Years back when I was a graphic designer working in Covent Garden, London, I noticed a direct correlation between creativity and homosexuality. Today I wonder: is there a link between creativity and enlightenment? Back in late 1980’s/early 90’s my life was buzzing and I was surrounded by designers, writers, musicians, dancers and alternative folk. Young and naïve I was surprised by the proportion that were gay. Many years later I watched a scientific documentary which confirmed that the brain of homosexuals is wired with a strong nod to the creative. Following my recent Spiritual epiphany I now find myself looking around and I observe a similar correlation between creativity, spirituality, psychic ability and enlightenment. Creativity is Integral to Human Spirituality. Primitive (wo)man painted on caves and made effigies. Danced and sang summoning Gods and Spirits for love, fertility, health, protection and all manner of wondrous magic. The process of making shelters, tools, pots, baskets and other utilitarian objects was infused with the skill, knowledge and creative energy of the maker. The very act of making …