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Channelled Message from Spirit

Channelled Message from Spirit About the Ego

The Spirits and Angels despair as they witness so very many folks purporting to be spiritual and highly evolved whilst displaying traits that are of a low vibration. I myself struggle with my ego and regularly catch myself posturing in my mind, blowing my own trumpet; but my conscience is finely tuned and I often excuse myself and am embarrassed, by my egotistical ramblings, when I talk to my Guardian Angel Matthew who now offers us the following channelled message from spirit about the ego;

‘Linda, the ego is a form of conscience and an indicator of how open a person is to their own true nature. You, my dear, are finely calibrated and do not indulge your need for aggrandisement despite messages from spirit which would turn the heads of many. You remain humble despite all whereas we despair at those that, rightly or wrongly, believe themselves superior to many others on a similar journey. Each of you is at varying levels of awareness and there simply is no better or more evolved and talk such as this is egotistical and undermines the individual spouting it. Furthermore, those that indulge such chatter are less far along the path to enlightenment than they believe themselves to be for the ego must be controlled to move higher up upon the ladder of ascension. The ego is peculiar to humankind and was placed in man by ‘The All’ to act as an indicator to us here in spirit as to the suitability of a person to ascend. As such it acts as a beacon, an alarm if you will, to us here in the unseen realms and those seen to be egotistical are flagged up for review. This sounds extraordinary to many but those far along the path to enlightenment will know this to be true as you yourself already understand even though you are relatively new to all of this spiritual malarkey as you so often call it! So now to the message from on high.’

‘The All wishes each of you to be aware that the ego is a marker and indication of how well you are doing in life and as such must be paid attention to for no one who claims to be better than another is truly enlightened and as such should be shown up as a false prophet.’


This appears harsh but comes from the top;

‘The egotistical person is acting from a base energetic frequency and should not be indulged, rather they should be ignored but sadly man is drawn to intrigue and conflict and so these individuals garner great response from others, who should know better, whilst those that remain humble are often overlooked.’


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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)