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Choose Our Teachers Wisely

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I have been thinking about what it really means to be enlightened and have come to the conclusion that, whilst contentious to say, there are very few genuinely enlightened souls around. Since 2016 I have slowly been introduced to my team in spirit and, without meaning to sound immodest, they are an illustrious bunch and I am blessed. Since making themselves known to me they have gently coached me and opened my eyes to truth that I had never before even considered considering! I have failed and quietly triumphed through challenges designed to test my mettle and assess whether I am of sufficient calibre for the message I am to share in the coming weeks, months and years. I am a work in progress and will, forever, remain so. My esoteric education is unique and privileged. I have not, nor never will, pay for spiritual knowledge for my teachers reside in the Higher Angelic Realms. And it is they that caution us to choose our teachers wisely whilst asking me to share as I go. Thus, the student becomes the teacher and the messenger rolled into a convenient whole.

The team have asked me to write this piece for you today and wish to chip in with the following:

‘Today in your world spirituality is big business and there are many teachers selling knowledge to those willing and foolish enough to pay them. We say foolish for there are actually very few genuine teachers alive, at this time, on earth and most that set themselves up as such are false gurus who are regurgitating and reformatting ancient knowledge that is available for all, for free, online. Many are operating from ego, their messages overblown and purposely confusing so as to appear to be more erudite and learned than they actually are. When challenged these teachers bristle magnificently and throw their toys out of the pram. They claim to be enlightened but are clearly not for to be a truly enlightened soul they would not need their egos massaged nor be selling spirituality like bananas!

Now before you say something akin to ‘Yeah, but everyone needs to make a living,’ please allow us to elaborate: the true spiritually enlightened do not sell rehashed wisdom as if it is their own and actually shun making profit from information that is already in the public domain. They would rather go without, or find another way to finance their lifestyles – such as writing paid articles or books which explain more fully any given area of expertise and are a fraction of the cost of self important, shallow courses.

The truly enlightened who walk amongst you are those that garner the least respect for they speak truth which is often less than welcome. They then tend to give up trying to nudge people into a greater awareness and retreat into the shadows where their greater understanding is lost to those that seek it. This is a travesty for it is these rare gems that deserve attention, not the showbiz, self-styled gurus pedalling ancient truth as if they mined it themselves just yesterday.

So, look around you and try to be discerning for courses on how to access The Akashic Records, mastering manifestation or contacting your spirit guides are predominantly nonsense. We advise you to choose your teachers wisely for certain things are not meant for all and those that are destined to have access to such things will, guaranteed, find their way independent of lining charlatans’ pockets.’

– The Higher Angelic Realms

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)