I’ve never really been a fan of winter but this year is proving to be a greater challenge than all previous years. Living in rural Bulgaria is like stepping back in time with regards to housing. Dwellings are pretty much thrown up with zero damp proofing, double glazing or insulation. The people are hardy and hardworking. Old folks think nothing about wheelbarrowing 10 cubic metres of logs to chop and split. Or camping out in one room throughout the colder months. Born in London, UK, this is not something I am used to! Add to this the rise in costs of all fuels, including wood, and winter is becoming a greater challenge for many of us.

Three quarters of the outer walls of our home have been insulated and plasterboarded which has improved things immesurably. This year, finances allowing, we intend to insulate the loft space, lower and insulate all ceilings, and finish the renovation of our bathroom and kitchen which involves lagging the outside walls. At the moment we have black mould in both of these rooms, and water quite literally running down the outer walls. The dampness gnaws away at bones and morale.

It is a wise man who takes stock of a situation and looks for creative ways to sidestep control.

Why am I telling you this, sharing my woes? Easy – to inspire you to adapt to changing times. This is easier said than done, but those amongst us who are able to survive apart from a system hellbent on crippling us all, will fair better than those unable to flow with changing times.



I have much to say, and yet here I sit before my screen with nothing to say! The irony is not lost on me as I am a person who chatters constantly. Instead I will simply share a nub of wisdom  gifted me from spirit:

When the sun shines go outside and walk in nature, for this is the church of man far more powerful and beneficial than any text or building conceived for organised worship.



The world has changed irrevocably in the last several years and with it I too have evolved. For many years I warned of the evil we are now witnessing daily unfurl at incredible speed. As an open channel to light spirit I was advised, and have intuitively known throughout my years, that darkness threatens us all. Alas my warnings, along with those of many others, was largely (and continues to be) ignored by people who blindly chose to trust their abusers, rather than those who truly care for humanity. So, the time for convincing is over, and it is a prudent soul that hunkers down to fly under the radar as Rome burns.

Thus, I am busy learning the ways of nature, foraging/herbalism/gardening/animal husbandry/self sufficiency/preserving/canning/fermenting – as I turn my back on society.

I am also writing poetry and embracing my creativity daily. This has led me to web3 and the world of NFT’s – Non Fungible Tokens. These are proof of ownership virtual certificates which allow for individuals to collect artwork and writings as gif, jpeg, png, svg, mp4, webm, glb, mp3, wav, flac, pdf, zip (interactive) with verifiable proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

This new way of sharing, and selling art affords all artists the opportunity to shine. So, I am busy learning new skills to enable me to present my work in ways not before possible.

With this unexpected detour I have decided to revamp my website, concentrate on my art practice and leave the warrior-ing to those not yet ready, able or willing to go grey – for in my book martyrdom is not the new black. We should pick our battles wisely.

From hereon in I will chunter on about this and that, share my creative diddlings and try to flog you some work to make ends meet.


This wee poem is the first of an ongoing collection entitled ‘Little Linda.’ Highly relatable childhood recollections, you can read more HERE for free – and even collect them for 2.5tz each.

Love Linda x