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Creativity – The Go-Go Juice of The Universe

creativity go go juice of the universe

Go-Go juice! The stuff that stokes the furnace which generates the energy to allow for creative endeavour on both the macro and microcosm. When I was a vintage dealer, living in France and upcycling myself into an early grave, my go-go juice of preference was a cheeky Bordeaux: creativity is the preferred go-go juice of The Universe.

Our world is but one of many worlds within the infinite Universe which is akin to the largest vat of soup imaginable to the finite mind. In this etheric soup are all the constituent, conscious and unconscious energetic ingredients that go to make the whole which is the infinite mind. This mind is all that ever was/is and will be and relies on thought, word and deed to housekeep and create anew within The Universe. The etheric soup is known as The Universal Subconscious Mind and relies on creativity of all to itself create. Creativity is the currency required for The All, or God, to create and so we are one, beyond ginormous, symbiotic organism. However, realising this does not elevate all the constituent, conscious ingredients to the level of The All yet rather gives each of us an invested stake in the process of creation.

Take a look around you and assess whether your personal sphere of reality is as you would wish. Go beyond your personal life and look out at the world and see the beauty and purity that is daily threatened by the mindless greed and hunger to dominate of the few.

All is mental, which is to say that everything we witness and experience starts with a thought. Correct thinking equates to an equitable world. Erroneous thinking equates to a world of darkness and deprivation.

When we create purely for the joy and pleasure of creating, we raise our vibration and send delightful glugs of creative go-go juice out into the etheric soup, The Universal Subconscious Mind. These pure energetic waves attract similar until they reach critical mass and allow for significant, grand scale beautiful creation. Sadly, the converse is also true – and it is for this reason that our world is consumed by wrongdoing for there are many folks operating from a selfish standpoint. Many more sleepwalking and very few aware of the construct of The Universe and how creation, or reality, is actually brought into being.

Creativity comes in many forms. It is not exclusively the domain of a few bright lights feted by society. Next time you mow your lawn consider how you might mow a pattern into the grass for the sheer joy of pattern making! Or perhaps: consider building a pond and dancing the fandango in the moonlight whilst juggling a few oranges to the sound of contented frogs! Creativity is an inherent characteristic of humanity and must be celebrated by all in ways beyond those normally acknowledged as creative.

You get the gist.

Think a thought bring forth a fun filled, creative action and help create a better world and Universe for all.

Something else to consider here.

Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)