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Dare to be a Lone Wolf

A lot has happened since June 2016 when unsolicited a little spirit girl called out to me, ‘Mama, Mama are you there?’ I am now a channel for spirit and am acquainted with a team of light energetic beings who guide, protect and encourage me. And I have identified that I am a Spiritual Anarchist! I dare to be a lone wolf.

It transpires that I willingly agreed to be a messenger of hope and truth for humanity in our troubled times. This extraordinary and lofty revelation leaves me thinking that I must have been bonkers whilst dotting around in the ether! For each of us is a bundle of eternal busy energy in the cosmic soup until reincarnated when we become a spiritual being, having a physical experience. Everyone of us is the most infinitesimally small expression of the infinite creator or universal mind which in simplistic terms means that we are not separate as we are led to believe. Rather we are one big, nay ginormous beyond imagining, whole.

I have and continue to be a diligent student of the esoteric, the occult and dark arts which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with black witchcraft, devils, demons or fallen angels which are an erroneous belief couched in superstition and misguided doctrine. I am particularly drawn to Hermeticism which is an ancient form of philosophy and spiritual belief with ideas that are only now being proven to be true through modern science. Hermeticism states that everything is energy and everything is one.

So, I am mightily surprised to find that I am on the path to spiritual enlightenment as I always labelled myself to be an atheist. Recently I realised, after a particularly troll like exchange on, that I am in fact a ‘Theist!’ More than that it transpires that my particular strain of Theism is actually known as ‘Deism!’ – who’da known!

Theism is the belief in the existence of at least one god. Atheism is its opposite of theism, the lack of belief in the existence of any gods. Deism is a type of theism, the belief in a god who created the universe, but does not intervene in it.

It transpires that Theists believe in ‘God’s,’ I use the term in its broadest non-religious sense, ability to intervene and create miracles whereas Deists believe ‘God’ remains impartial to mans activity and respects freewill and does not bestow miracles. This sounds rather depressing but the Deist ‘God’ defers miraculous activity to the angels, his unsung heroes, and his spirit servants. (Phew, I love a miracle – don’t you?!)

Anyway, I am going off topic here.

Spiritual Anarchy

In our troubled times there is a need for an altogether more aggressive, in the best possible sense, form of spirituality. Holding space, chanting for peace and scattering glitter and posting memes of Unicorns and pretty rainbows has its place in the grand scheme of things but our corrupt world also requires spiritual anarchists. There is a need for people to realise the depth of depravity of those that hold power who are systematically eroding humanities rights in an effort to cull and finally enslave a small remaining minority of people who are deemed useful to ‘their’ selfish and devious cause.

The word Anarchy holds troublesome connotations but the actual definition of this word is broader than most imagine: n. Absence of any form of political authority. (n. Political disorder and confusion. n. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.) I use it to indicate an absence of any form of political authority.

I define Spiritual Anarchy to mean the activity of peoples who understand the true nature of the Universe and concept of oneness; folks who strive to create a world where equality reigns through cooperation and respect for each individuals’ right to self-determination.

Everything in the cosmos is energy and levels of consciousness. Earth is primarily a 3D consciousness construct although it is possible for a person to ascend to 5D consciousness and still reside here on earth. My light team in spirit are of 5D consciousness but when a person passes, or colloquially croaks, they may be at any level below and up to 5D consciousness. Anything below 5D consciousness and a soul is obliged to reincarnate.

The reason I mention this is not to blow your mind! Rather to explain that the concept of Spiritual Anarchy as I define it to be, is reliant on people reaching a 5D level of consciousness and cooperation to facilitate success.

In our world today most of us operate at 3D or below consciousness and so the very idea of a world without government and institution is virtually impossible for most people to contemplate let alone comprehend.

The elite are hellbent on destroying common man and through devious means we are all under attack. Wars rage, food is tampered with and contaminated, weather manipulation, HARP, causes storms, tsunamis and earthquakes, the earth’s resources are pillaged, affordable healthcare is denied, energy weapons are used on civilians for land grab, 5G internet towers pollute the environment, vaccines cause illness and are programmed to sterilise and kill, paedophilia is being normalised etc, etc ad infinitum.

Most people remain sadly oblivious to these truths preferring to scoff and deride those that try to nudge them awake and yet truth is often more fantastical than fiction. Things are going to get messy in the coming years and The Spiritual Anarchist has a crucial role in awakening the masses to the true nature of our world, being and inherent individual power. For nothing is as it seems and we are all divine beings, a small part of the infinite mind. This truth has been systematically denied man for many centuries. The Hermeticists’ were relentlessly persecuted and burnt at the stake in the middle ages in an attempt to silence them and keep this knowledge from the common (wo)man. Most organised religions are also guilty of denying us our true nature in an attempt to manipulate and control. And yet the mind is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings and humanity may be saved on an individual, one by precious one, basis if people are willing to commit to self-awareness and growth.

‘God’ the great respecter of freewill will not intervene to save earth it is up to us folks.

Be Happy xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)