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Definition of 5D Consciousness

Freedom is Our Birth Right

Within spiritual communities there is an incessant buzz around the concept of 5D consciousness with some self- proclaimed teachers confidently spouting verbose misinformation and creating confusion. In this short piece the spirits wish to share their definition of 5D consciousness which is succinct and to the point.

First though my take: To be a spiritually aware person does not automatically stamp the visa to 5D consciousness. Most folks who have no idea about the esoteric actually achieve 5D consciousness without ever even being aware of the concept! Once a soul reaches 5D consciousness they are no longer obliged, upon passing from the physical to the spiritual, to reincarnate – unless they actually desire to do so. There are many planes of existence within The Universe and these exist at different vibratory levels of consciousness – all within The Universal Subconscious Mind. 5D consciousness is the entrant level to the unseen realms. A person has only to live a kind, unselfish and loving life to be in with a chance to be accepted into the club in the clouds!

My guardian angel, Matthew, says;

‘Here in the spiritual realms we despair as we see many talking overblown tripe about 5D consciousness and our blood, if we had any, would boil at those who preach falsehoods to gullible people! 5D consciousness is nothing more than a rite of passage for each and every soul to attain before being accepted into the realm of spirit. As Linda says many achieve 5D consciousness without being aware that they have, let alone that this is the goal of the soul to reach such a level of self- mastery as to allow a closeness with ‘The All,’ or God. To achieve 5D consciousness is a simple thing and requires no teacher to achieve and the only prerequisite is that a soul live a life of love and caring for all that was/is and will ever be; that is to say that all individuals must strive to live lives beyond reproach. It is not even necessary to do great deeds for humanity – it is simply enough to spread love and kindness on your way.’

And so there you have it.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)