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Depression is a Bastard

Depression is a bastard

With the world on the cusp of great change depression will become more common amongst the peoples and the system knows this and is striving towards destroying our mental health. By denying us freedom to go about our ordinary everyday lives they have rendered us powerless and whilst, to start with, some may feel that this is a happy event allowing them to do things that otherwise were impossible to do daily, soon enough the reality of confinement, followed by other dictates, will bite. And depression is a bastard!

I myself am a happy and energetic person but since being a small child I have abhorred any and all injustice. I was the little girl that stepped in when bullies hounded the weak until, soon enough, I realised that when the pack turned on me, I always stood alone! This latest debacle leaves my blood fizzing like an effervescent Vitamin C tablet without the boost; and I realise I am prone to slip into misery, lethargy and depression – but, like you, I must resist.

You see depression renders us a victim of circumstance and this is exactly what the system wants. A population shuffling around in fear with gloves, masks, shields and little to no interaction with family, friends, casual acquaintances and those we meet when out and about. Depression will render us desperate and compliant and apathetic to the point of acceptance.

The battle is real – this is the beginning of dark days and the ‘normal’ we knew, and loved, is to be replaced by a horrific system of control which denies each and everyone of us freewill and freedom.

And yet, individually, we can triumph by being aware of the system’s intentions and retreating into our inner worlds and personal familial sanctuaries. During this period of house arrest, allow me to call it what it truly is, we should learn to be still, perhaps meditate, and teach ourselves and dependants the importance and value of the inner being – the spirit. For each of us is visiting our world – our soul and spirits embodied in physical flesh and sinew but for a fleeting moment before returning to eternal consciousness or spirit. And, with this knowledge we can remain defiant.

Nelson Mandela is a wonderful example of a courageous spirit that refused to be cowed by the system that kept him locked up, often in solitary confinement, for twenty seven years. He is someone we should speak about to inspire us all.

Depression is a bastard state of mind and we must dig deep and protect ourselves by whatever means are at our disposal. I myself am dedicating myself to my lightworking duties with articles such as this. I am tending my vegetables and chickens; studying herbalism and cultivating my own plants. Downloading videos on how to do things as diverse as Tor and the Dark Web, canning tomatoes, and making deodorant out of cornflower/baking soda/ and coconut nut oil, (who’da known!) By doing this I am creating a go-to library of how-to knowledge, to allow myself to feel empowered. I am also downloading music and creating eclectic playlists. I am writing, embracing my work as a visual artist. And – sorry if this is more information than required, shagging my husband daily! All these activities stop me from dwelling on the less than desirable and help to raise my vibration and spirit. I suggest you do similar for this war is subliminal and the system will try to coerce you into acceptance of the unacceptable by telling you it is for yours and the collectives good. On this I call horse shit and tell them to trot on!

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)