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Divide and Rule

Covid19 is here to stay and is a perfect ruse to herald in a New World Order that will see most of us ruined. And, as if the cruelty of mental abuse from governments for the last year has not been enough, they are now using whatever means at their disposal to ramp up further hate, fear and division. Divide and rule is the order of the day.

From a spiritual perspective there is nothing more stupid than to create sub-sections within the social structure. Yet this is what man has done, and been guided to do, for centuries. To identify as human a truly enlightened person should see no visible difference between all men; which is to say that the physical body is truly of little consequence.

If you met me on the street you would see a lady of little interest. I am not physically striking – white, I have greying hair, am no longer as youthful as I might wish and am carrying a few extra pounds. I am easily judged and dismissed. However, like you, I am more than meets the eye, for we are all eternal spirit and soul in temporary physical body and the consciousness which animates the body is formless energy. And my energy is surprisingly more youthful, true and feisty than most twenty years old, which is to say I would be dismissed as old when in truth I am without age. My physical appearance and life situation belie my true identity.

The point here is that a person can be whatever, or wherever, and remain the same – for the essence of all is energy, and energy cannot be anything more or less than what it truly is.

Specifically, all people are the same on a quantum level regardless of visible differences, for all people are consciousness and consciousness does not require physical form to be.

Therefore, all labels and distinctions which create suspicion, dislike and division are false and could be considered evil.

Yet man is partial to pigeon holing one another, and keener still on defending their tribe and showboating their particular affiliation to the detriment of those who do not align with their vision. And those that yank our chains know this only too well as they fuel division, pumping out endless lies, false flag theatre and propaganda to keep difference front of mind. Thereby diverting attention from the main act and their own manipulative, grubby deeds.

The true distinction that is of value to mankind should not to be based on the physical appearance, or even beliefs, but rather on the actions of an individual which can be easily assessed as light, dark or fair to middling. The nature of the energy that animates the consciousness if you will.

To end, I caution you to refuse to be played further by un-appointed masters whose aim is to pitch you, me and the other against one another by creating a rancid stew where-by we do their dirty work, destroying humanity and light, for them.

What we are witnessing is a war as never before where our minds are under attack and those that fall for transparent lies and manipulation fall to darkness!

Be strong. Refuse their game and know that united we truly would be invincible.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)