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Doing Our Bit to Save Our World

Doing Our Bit to Save Our World

There is much talk about climate change and yet those that serve us do very little of true value to address pressing concerns preferring to pontificate and continue to pillage and rape earth. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the destruction we see around us – to fall into a form of apathetic depression or lethargic denial of what is as plain to see as the nose on a face. And yet, we are each and everyone of us powerful, divine beings with intellect and will to effect change. Whilst our individual actions may seem small and seemingly irrelevant, you plus you plus you will inevitably create a tsunami of positive change. By each doing our bit to save the world we lead by example and others will ultimately follow. And whilst we may not actually save our world, we may save our souls and those of others we positively influence. It can be hard to know where to start with a topic as convoluted and vast as this and so I will now defer to the Higher Angelic Realms:

‘Linda is right – this topic is not as you are led to believe and is vast and complex with many players and much misinformation. To unpick the web of lies and deceit would take many years for what you see unfolding before you now, has been a long time in the planning by men who are short on brains. Fellows who disrespect the balance of the universe for short term gain in the knowledge that they perpetrate crimes against earth and humanity whilst believing that they will not be around to reap the longer-term destruction they sow! These men are your leaders who enjoy the finer things of life whilst imposing austerity on fellow man, animals and earth at large. They are fools for it is they that will return to struggle in a world impoverished and laid to waste – but for them the idea of reincarnation and karma is nonsense.

Man is at a crossroads: the whole is in grave danger and it is up to each of you to step into your individual power and lead by shining example. The true leaders of your world are those that remain humble and in the shadows; and I encourage you all to mindfully seek them out and shy away from false prophets and famous folks who do much to exacerbate the problems earth and humanity face. It is time for humans to look to the past: the bygone days before you were told that capitalism, consumerism and materialism were the way to a happy heart. This warped model of society encourages greed and lack of compassion and, whilst it is not only nice, but acceptable, for each person to have nice things and enjoy their time in physical form it is wholly unacceptable to do so to the detriment of all else. For abject greed and lust creates an uncompassionate society and world at large where people, animals, nature and earth are seen as commodities to be used and abused.

The problem is indeed vast and today I am here to suggest that you make your small corner of the world a brighter place to be; for no one person can heal the world but each can heal their experience locally. Simple actions repeated often can eventually have a massive impact and so here are a few suggestions:

~ Plant trees and mini meadows in your garden, on wasteland – wherever.

~ Keep bees.

~ Educate yourself about nature which is a forgotten medicine cabinet for natural complimentary healing.

~ Grow your own food to supplement your table – refusing all insecticides/pesticides. (Look to nature to stave off the slugs and other unwanted visitors.)

~ Learn how to preserve and conserve your organic produce.

~ Create a network, a community, of like-minded people in your area and take your message to a wider audience.

~ Work cooperatively with others fostering deeper community.

~ Consider ways to extricate yourself from the system that enslaves you. Actions can be small, such as a car battery rigged up to an invertor and small solar panel to run your computer. Or huge – living wholly off grid and homesteading.

In the future the system you now live within will collapse and it is those that commit to reclaiming their individual power now that will fair best as things unravel. I therefore encourage you to think into my words. Do yourself, and those you love, a huge favour by exploring my suggestions and doing what you can realistically do in your present circumstances.’

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Doing Our Bit to Save Our World


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)