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Emotion Versus Feeling

emotions v feelings

Emotion versus feeling are easily confused but there is a distinct and pertinent difference between the two. To be honest I struggle to elucidate this subtle nuance efficiently and so I defer to the guys in the skies:

‘Yes, we are talking nuance here but it is an important shading that is worth contemplating, for once a person fully grasps the difference between emotion and feeling they are better prepared to be masters of their own house.

Imagine this – you are walking down the street, the sun is shining – there is a pleasant breeze and all is well in your world at that moment: you FEEL happy and grateful for the day. Suddenly a commotion breaks out and a young man punches another in the face and you are angry, this EMOTION takes you by surprise and colours your experience. You no longer feel happy, you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by unwanted emotion – sadness/frustration/anger.

You see EMOTION is as a result of an outside event colouring and eliciting a response from you whereas, FEELING is an independent way of being which is wholly of your choosing.

The clue is in the words:

(e)motion – motion an act that moves. Or in this case elicits a response/emotion.

Whereas feeling is a word which expresses the sense of state of being and is similar to the word sensing as in I sense danger/I sense trouble.

The trick in life is to master your responses to people/situations/etc outside of yourself and assume control over your emotions whilst acknowledging your right to assess any given event and feel legitimate feelings.

For feelings are your inner guidance system, intuition, and are your compass to find your way to an enviable state of being – a harmonious life. ‘


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)