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RIP Faith

Today, (12.07.20,) I weep as I write for in March I adopted a pure spirit little Shit Zhu whom I named Faith. Faith did not have a bad bone in her wee body but was a greedy little mite having come from a puppy farm where she had to fight for, and gulp her food down quickly to survive. It had been five years since my puppy Bailey, a beautiful dear-headed Chihauhau, had been cruelly snatched away only 10 days after bringing him home; and I was immediately enchanted by my new furry friend, Faith. With fur as soft as silk and a cute teddy bear face and love of cuddles she was a dream come true but my team in spirit warned that her greed would be her undoing. They advised me to curb this bad habit.

Faith was my consolation in dark days. For we, Rick and I, have recently turned our backs on our long-held dream to grow old in Spain – and my only son who stubbornly remains there, due to recent world events which threaten all our freedom. The globalist elite, Luciferians, have plans for global genocide and enslavement starting boldly with Western Europe, America and Australia.

So, we reluctantly moved East, as most people blindly continue as if all is well in the world.

And, despite awakened souls seeing the pure evil that threatens us all many still do not fully comprehend the depth of depravity of the enemy who, devoid of conscience or compassion, see all loving attachments as a means to undo a light soul. And innocence easy prey.

My little dog died this morning. She unwittingly ate something laced with poison left strategically by some unscrupulous, dark soul. This was a direct attack on me by the dark, who then hijacked my frequency and told me not to worry – that she would be fine in a day or two! You see, they – the dark, fear my light and have, throughout my life, meddled and schemed to undo me. They are dirty adversaries and use all tools at their grubby disposal; including family and those a person holds most dear.

I suspect the demise of a seemingly insignificant small dog will appear unrelated to the far bigger picture of evil we witness unfurling in our world today and so, here, I will attempt to elucidate its relevance and join a few dots.

Our world is not as we have been told. Nothing is as it seems.

Of the entire world population only approximately 120.000 people, my team advise, come close to the real truth of our existence. And, of these, very few acknowledge the less savoury side of this truth which is that not all men are made of the same cloth. There are fellows of fine, bright satin and silk and fellows of courser dull weaves – which is to say a spectrum of light to grey to dark souls.

Critically, the balance of power has been skewed in favour of darkness here on earth.

Throughout the centuries those in power – the dark who wheedle, bribe, threaten, murder and manipulate to gain positions of influence, have systematically buried the truth to enable them to manipulate common man. These men, just as light souls are assisted by light entities and energies, are aided by dark entities and energies in realms unseen. Together the dark invented fire and brimstone religion to cow the masses and then, when witnessing a need for more personal spirituality they hijacked The New Age Spiritual movement and fed gullible souls politically correct tales of unconditional love and warped manifestation doctrine to disempower.

Our world is beyond compromised. It is in the vice like grip of insidious darkness which has infiltrated all governments, powerful institutions, medicine, education, corporations, media and entertainment. There is a hidden war raging here on earth, and within the spiritual realms, where uncompromising voices such as mine are a threat to evil and their satanic agendas and thus targets to be silenced.

However, slowly the veil is being lifted for courageous souls to see dark agendas in play. Fake pandemics, false flag theatre, satanic ritual,  the encouragemnet of religious intolerance, reverse racism and racism, mandatory masks, dirty vaccines, lockdowns, arrests, fines and imprisonment etc ad infinitum as the noose tightens around our necks.

And notably the normalisation of paedophilia and the heinous theft, abuse, torture and murder of innocent babies, children and youth -used in satanic rituals and for personal sexual pleasure, power and longevity.

Slavery is rife throughout the world and those at the top know and do nothing for their hands are dirty and bank balances bulging with ill gotten gains.

New Agers challenge me on truths they find uncomfortable. They tell me all is energy. That we are master manifestors’ and reap what we sow. That each of us is on a personal journey and at different levels of awareness. That love is all and they hold space and extend unconditional love to one and all. They expound that I promote fear for speaking unsavoury truth. They deem to teach grandma to suck eggs for all this I already know!

Yet there is something these people do not know which is to be the collective downfall of humanity. And it is this:

it is foolish to love evil for evil laughs at kindness and compassion and deems it weak knowing that a loving soul has a conscience and is unwilling to fall to the depths of depravity that they, the dark, are themselves prepared to do! To extend unconditional love to evil is to be an enabler of evil and tough love is required. Which is to say that a person may assess another’s failings, refuse love, but extend compassion for the soul that is lost upon the wrong path.

The time has passed to turn the other cheek. No longer is it acceptable to sit on the fence for silence is compliance. Nor can we allow foolishness or naivety a free pass. Times are desperate and each of us has a voice which we must use to protect the children; for here on earth the children are the prize and, upon passing, it is all our precious souls.

In our world we see the ascendance of The Dark Lord who aims for all to worship him, or perish.

The stuff of fantasy is in reality looming ever closer to manifestation and nothing, not religion, race, colour, creed, gender or consensual adult sexuality should separate us for ultimately, we are either good or bad souls. The battle lines are now drawn and every thinking man, woman and child must choose a side. Those that sit idly on the side -lines will perish and fall to darkness for to do nothing is a selfish act and selfishness is a dark trait not to be entertained by any light soul.

In the spiritual realms the Universe relies upon balance between the energies, light and dark, for harmony to reign. The Dark Lord knows this and aims to capture as many souls as possible to fuel chaos and disharmony throughout the far-flung galaxies, vibrational frequencies and skies.

My sweet dog, Faith, is another casualty of war – for war it is. A personal pawn used against me to quieten my voice – break my spirit and diminish my resolve. Another cynical attempt to extinguish my flame in a line of attacks far longer than most could bear.

I suspect that this makes me sound like some grief-stricken delusional fool but I can assure you I am nothing of the sort. I am a powerful messenger for the light and as a lightworker I will not be silenced despite my personal pain and isolation. My mission is to expose the falsehoods we have been fed and help people negotiate difficult times with love, humour and good grace.

The passing of a little dog is nothing compared to the loss of a child, family member or good friend; but unless people heed the warnings of the truth tellers’ death, across the globe, will become common place in the coming years.

I hear many speak that we have until 2030 to face the demons and rise but this is not true.

Our window of opportunity to stand against tyranny is small and will be closed by 2025!


So, I write this as a call to action for all able-bodied people to refuse evil and protect humanity from extinction. For extinction is on the cards  if the dark have their way. As man is to become a hybrid, pale creature fused with artificial intelligence devoid of spirit and soul.

It is time to research and be vocal about what you discover. To tune in and trust your intuition and actively strive to protect future generations from an existence that will resemble a scene from a dystopian sci fi movie.

We the people should stand as one. We should refuse all attempts to divide and conquer. Shun snitch and snark who happily do the darks bidding whilst hiding behind the innane excuse of only doing their job or being a good citizen!


So, to wrap up – I am sad for the passing of my pooch – but the anger I feel serves to fuel me to be ever more vocal and proactive against the darkness that threatens us all.

My Faith holds true and my little dog did not die in vain.

The dark scored an own goal by strengthening my resolve to expose them for the dim-witted scum they truly are.

RIP wee Faith.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)