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Love of Life Laugh!

In a Universe where everything is energy humour is one of the most valuable attributes for us all to embrace. It keeps a persons’ energetic vibration high and when a person resonates at a high frequency they emanate goodness and joy and influence their own and the collective reality for the better. For the love of life laugh!

Laughter is known to be a great medicine and if more people embraced their happy our world would automatically, with little real effort, become a far more beautiful place. So, everything is energy and science proves it and still many sadly prefer to wander around gloomy and glum sucking up the happy vibes and spitting them out as misery. I myself know many folks like this and, these days, chose to avoid them like the plague. Of course circumstances can get us all down at times but we always have a choice as to how we turn up in our world and should try to remember this truth.

I have always embraced my silly and even though a woman of ‘a certain age’ I cherish my sense of the ridiculous and embrace it fully. Many have erroneously judged me stupid or immature – my response:



I have recently invented a sidekick – Mr Wingding. Mr Wingding is a smiley fella and loves to play dress-up and capture his portraits typographically. He is my alter ego; a suave chap who should appeal to those with a honed aesthetic and sense of fun.

He is available on a bunch of stylish and cheery apparel and can be seen here.

And, talking of happy you might just  appreciate this.

Be Happy xox