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Freedom is Our Birth Right

Freedom is Our Birth Right

Freedom is worth far more than gold and yet it has been systematically frittered away in exchange for mere trifles – naught but alloy, shiny baubles, by man who knows not what (s)he does. As a woman of a certain age, I have witnessed freedom being eroded over my lifetime. Governments and institutions have curtailed us all by an insidious creep which leaves most unable to perceive the tightening of the noose; but the noose is most definitely less comfortable to wear than thirty years ago. This is a travesty for humankind for, along with the exercising of freewill, freedom is our birth right.

To be human is to be an autonomous being that is allowed to live life on their own terms whilst respecting the world and all who live upon it; but those that deem themselves superior to common man have decided to play God and deny us all our mind and freewill.

Since March, much has changed with the pseudo pandemic conceived to cower and control. Today we are on the precipice of an abnormal ‘New Normal’ which plans to deny us our sovereignty and cynically do our thinking for us. This is wholly unacceptable. It means that each and everyone of us is to be denied the lessons that earth school so bountifully offers.

For we are spirit in physical form and here to facilitate the growth of our soul. The plans the global elite have set into motion will see us chipped and genetically modified via dirty, mandatory vaccines which will, eventually, see those that survive their intended genocide fused with artificial intelligence. No longer allowed, or even able, to think for themselves we will resemble cowering dogs! This sounds fantastical but it is a very real, bleak prognosis for those who must return again to earth, upon passing, to complete their ascension process!

I am not, nor ever will be, a political beast – for in my book politics, and politicians are snide shills who hold no appeal. Yet, I am one who detests injustice and has always been aware that there is more to life than meets the eye. These days I am a messenger for the Higher Angelic Realms who wish to convey the following:

‘Freedom is your birth right and any that deny this are foolish, if not evil. Humanity is facing hard times as contrived lack, famine, homelessness, disease etc is on the horizon and, to survive, government will mandate ever more stringent and ridiculous rules, then laws, in exchange for your supposed well-being. For world governments are in cahoots to cull and enslave common man under the guise of caring.

There is enough land and resources for every single man, woman and child to live a comfortable and secure life and there is simply no justification for depopulation. Man is fully able to self-regulate but for hundreds of years has been herded and corralled into a system designed to create dependence on state. And through this need freedom is stolen.

Those in power tell you of global warming but neglect to tell you of the chemicals and technologies they employ to create imbalance and ‘natural’ disasters. Nor do they speak of their unethical business practices which wholesale deplete and poison forests and ecosystems. Preferring to blame the poor farmer who tends his negligible herd on drought ridden land, they call for depopulation!

They spout lies, and create false enemies to justify unnecessary wars and sanctions upon nations, already weak, who dare to resist their will. They create false famines. And tell of illness and cure, whilst neglecting to tell you that they are responsible for setting the scene for disease to take hold. They say nothing of bioweapons created in laboratories, which are let loose to work dark magic upon populations – thereby justifying further vaccines year on year. Potentially lethal cocktails, of heinous ingredients, designed to undermine the immune system. And create more illness allowing the generation of more profit for the diabolic fat cats who, playing God, prescribe expensive medicines to supposedly heal what they have so cruelly harmed. This, prior to the victim suffering, then passing back to spirit before their allotted time – just another statistic in the classified files of depopulation.

You see, man came to earth as a highly balanced organism but through life choices foisted upon him by the elite – unsanitary living quarters, stress and unnatural work patterns, poisoned water, poor-quality food, general lack etc, the organism unable to cope – turned upon itself and created further disease.

Still, there is nothing new here. This plan, to undo humanity, has been a long time in the making – and it is not our intention to dwell on the negative. Rather our message is meant to inspire.

Freedom is within your grasp but to snatch hold a person must be prepared to turn their back definitively on society; for society is brainwashed to believe the warped narrative spoon fed them from birth. And, with Covid 19 – which is nowt but a cold like flu for healthy individuals, those in power can now more easily identify the dissenters!

To turn your back on society will, in due course, see you a person non grata, an outlaw, in a system that is so corrupt as to be arsenic in your tea! Not for the faint of heart, it will require you to consolidate your assets and look to ways to disappear. Whether you choose to go native in the hills, or move to a place less well trodden is up to you to decide – but decide you must if you are to retain your freedom.

Yet, this freedom may cost you dear, for in time you will no longer have access to work, housing, food, clothing, medicine, education or welfare. You will stand alone as your ancestors did but, hopefully, you will have the benefit of technological advances to lighten your load for you will have planned meticulously.

We advise those of you awake to the truth in your world, to act now. To conceive of an exit plan for. if not, you will be consumed by the beast that wishes to control you all.

And all that you hold dear will be stolen from you.

Including your spirit and soul.’

Remember: Freedom is Our Birth Right. xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)