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Higher Consciousness, The Soul and Spirit

higher consciousness the soul and spirit

I learnt something rather rad and groovy about the higher consciousness the other day which is actually pretty obvious – still, I am going to share what I gleaned as it may be of interest to you. I also thought I’d clear up any possible confusion about the difference between the soul and the spirit which are fungible, (ha! A new word to me! Meaning: interchangeable,) and therefore potentially confusing. And discuss their relevance in the context of higher consciousness, the soul and spirit.

Here is what the feathery fella on high told me yesterday – (my guardian angel in case I lost you there):

‘The terms Soul and Spirit are interchangeable and often this causes confusion. In the most simplistic terms; the soul is animated by spirit but in fact the soul and spirit are one and the same. The spirit breathes life into the soul, the personality, which holds all the memories of previous lives and experiences but, once in physical form, ordinarily has no recollection of this. In essence:

The Soul is the character and the Spirit is the director of the play of life – breathing life into the personality.’

The soul, consisting of spirit, is a conscious energy which is both aware and unaware of itself. As I sit here writing this, I am consciously aware of where and what I am doing and yet, at times, the words flow so effortlessly as I tap into my higher consciousness which, whilst tethered to me, metaphorically speaking, remains in spirit in the etheric realms or Universal Subconscious Mind. That is to say that I am split spiritually between the physical and spiritual plane, as is everyone.

With the realisation of this comes great power for acting on this premise, or truth, a person can talk to the higher consciousness of any that were, are or will ever be for everything is but a small piece of the whole which is The Universal Subconscious Mind.

And now, right on cue, feather face wishes to chirp in;

‘Hah Linda you are a bugger! But seriously what you say has great implications and is open for abuse by those of less than scrupulous ways and therefore we are compelled to add a warning label: The Universal Subconscious Mind, or astral planes, can be a dangerous place for naïve souls and a person should never mess around with things that they do not fully comprehend for all is mind and mind is energy and energy comes in many forms. Within the USM are dark energies waiting to meddle with unprotected souls and therefore we caution people not to play with fire.

That said a person may communicate with the higher consciousness of others by prayer coming from pure intention. For instance, imagine:

Your teenage son is experimenting with drugs or perhaps your aging parent is afraid to let go and pass back to spirit. In the first example you might say; ‘Father I wish to talk to the higher consciousness of my son and advise him that he is endangering himself by indulging bad habits. Please tell him that I love him dearly and ask him to be on his guard and use his better judgement to kick drugs to the curb, Amen.’ Whereas in the second you could say something like this; ‘Dear Father, I humbly request that you please tell my Mum to let go and let be. I ask that you let her know that I love her dearly and that upon her parting all will be well, I will be well, Amen.’

For those who might consider communicating with the higher consciousness of another for evil ends we simply say that all is noted for the final assessment, and there is always a price to pay for actions less than illustrious. Aside from this truth, which is enough to scare most people off, we also wish to add that dark energies can attach themselves to you and wreak havoc on an unprotected mind even, in extreme circumstances leading to psychosis and death; we do not share this to engender fear rather to let you know the complexity of the unseen realms and hidden dangers within the Universe – for man is a veiled specie and knows very little of truth.’

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)