Lone Tree Linda Laforge 2022.

NFT’s, or non fungible tokens, for those new to the lingo are tokenised digital offerings which are stored on the blockchain with traceable proof of ownership.

For many years I pondered the possibility of moving image as art but never followed my curiosity as the only way to monetise this work was through elite galleries that looked down upon me. With the advent of NFT’s gatekeepers are theoretically gone.  We can all experiment and share works which would have been nigh on impossible to present to an audience prior to web 3.

Online, a person may view for free a plethora of works – and, by opening up an online wallet relevant to the coin and chain of the virtual NFT gallery space, collect works astutely for investment, to flip or keep for the simple joy of collecting.

For now my portfolio is on which uses Tezo. Personally I have a Kukai wallet. I invite you to browse my works HERE and ask that you consider purchasing as this is a way to help support this site, my creativity and ability to spread a message of hope in dangerous times.