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I am feeling mouldy! When my spiritual team announced, back in March 2020, that the world would never again be as it were before the Covid-Con I realised that what we were about to witness was The End of Days. Not one for biblical references, I have never read any religious texts, this meant little to me beyond great change and possible destruction.

Sadly, over the course of the last fourteen months, I have intuitively called events prior to their rollout despite shunning traditional research. (I prefer to rely on my own senses, intelligence and connections with consciousness beyond sight.) But the utter speed, and cynicism of the evil being perpetrated on humanity has taken me by surprise. As has the compliance of fools who refuse the council of wise souls who speak truth.

Most of my family, friends and acquaintances are now vaccinated and I weep as corrupt politicians, and their slack-mouthed-drivelling cronies start the wholly predictable narrative of variants – and falsely documented deaths which are now to be attributed to the non-vaccinated. (Riddle me this: are vaccines not, by definition, meant to protect the recipient from infection?)

This vaccine – gene therapy, (I call it the NWODeathDose), is a big fat hungry wolf dressed in sheepskin; cooked up to take humanity down. Covid is the flu rebranded, and now the real virus is pumping around in trusting fools’ veins who, with the CDC now announcing the vaccinated no longer needing to be masked, can cough and huff whatever noxious cocktail of delights they host freely upon us all!

The game plan is so transparent to those of us able to see but, regrettably, the majority of people have proven themselves to have the intelligence of amoebas throughout this sorry scam.

Society is to be splintered into many groups. All differences exploited for fear and hate to create in-fighting, distrust and collaborative tendency. Soon enough rewards will be posted to turn unvaccinated individuals over to the authorities who will ruthlessly dispose of the voices of dissent.

We are being attacked on all fronts and, within one year, global economies will collapse. Hyper inflation will see us scrabbling around like chickens trying to survive as ‘they’ continue to bombard bodies with poisons, and minds with propaganda.

Chaos is their aim. A carefully planned and orchestrated war amongst common man who will descend into feral. Oh! How they laugh at us all – the useless feeders.

And, all of this leaves me wondering how a person is to remain defiant and cheerful in the face of such darkness?

The following is channeled:

Linda, man is facing unprecedented times and sadly most are already lost to the dark having submitted to their lies, and now their poisonous injection. Humanity is to be destroyed and you are in for a rough ride but truly there is nothing to fear. For you see the dark are about to score an own goal having inflated their ranks with inferior intelligence which will see them on the back foot soon enough. Your world is just a small part of the bigger picture which sees the dark outnumbered; and, by doing what they are doing on earth, they are rendering the light a great service – for the dross will be disposed of and the true light will rise again. But until then, you must remain stoic and calm. Integrity is all a person, the soul, retains when passing back to spirit and the soul cannot allow itself to be tainted by evil. Those who are truly light are few and far between but will remain so as they have always done throughout the years. They, you, must find joy in nature and in your daily life and refuse to be sucked into their vortex of hate and recrimination for no good comes from being bitter and angst ridden. My advice to all of the light is to view the coming months and years as a curious anomaly and a challenge to survive in the darkest of days. You will lose many you love but know that in spirit are many, many more who are truly worthy of your love who are walking by your side – if only people could see. You are never alone and have only to ask for help and fortitude and your teams will step up their efforts to keep you safe from harm and give you the courage required should you be compromised. Love and laughter are the weapons of the light against darkness so make merry and refuse their chaos and you will find your days pass peacefully until you are called home.

With Love xox

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)