Always eager to learn and keep on moving I am teaching myself mucho technology at the moment. I am committed to learning Linux Ubuntu and kicking Windows to the curb. I have invested in a Go Pro, Sony kick ass digital camera and gimbal and Tascam audio recorder.  Once mastered these tools will help me to start a series whereby Rick and I document our alternative lifestyle as we turn our backs on society and build our ‘Oasis of Peace’ in dangerous times. We eventually intend hosting a Patreon page, or something similar – preferably decentralised!

I will also invest time, and my abstract creativity, into creating digital and video art and photographs which I will share on a Flickr page as the storage on this site is somewhat limited.

I recently created a short piece in Premiere entitled – Sandy Maccy Doodle which you can view HERE.

Sandy Maccy Doodle was a song my dear mum used to sing to me when I was a little girl. It was always a favourite and, as she unravelled to dementia, I filmed her singing it to me.

Since her passing I have researched but been unable to find any reference to this ditty.

Sandy Maccy Doodle – Linda Dacey-Laforge 2021.



Suddenly the sunshine has decided to call and spring is on the cards. Delicate wee Snowdrops have defiantly pushed up through frozen ground. The earth, and my heart, are warming to the arrival of the new season. Spring is a time of promise and has always been my most favourite-ist time of year. Not too hot, nor cold, to comfortably work outside – and the pesky-pollen has not yet arrived to dampen my enthusiasm for nature and create havoc with my constitution.

Delicate beauty.

I have been pottering in my greenhouse and plan to start planting my seeds for this growing season in the coming days. This is the first winter I have had a greenhouse and it has been a learning curve. Crops have been thin on the ground! But, I have learnt heaps. My main takeaway is that to have a sufficiency of food requires planting seeds no later than mid July. And that they require cosseting – not too much water, plenty of warmth. My greatest success has been to over winter my Lemon tree, Aloe Verra and various other lovelies.

Calendula blooms, tomatoes and mini chilli.



Winter is clinging on for dear life. It has been bloody cold and snowed significantly the other night with temperatures falling below zero. The wild dogs on the hills howled, indignant at the biting winds. And yet, just the other day it was warm, bordering on hot – and Rick and I worked together erecting a new fence around our chicken enclosure in just T shirts and jeans. We then went to town where we stumbled upon a little stray kitten.

What a sweetheart!

When I approached the wee golden nugget it virtually leapt into my arms and purred like a Russian tractor!

Predictably, along with a loaf, pint and rack of ribs it came home with us – where-upon it promptly installed itself on my rocking chair in front of the wood burning stove.