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A World Spiralling Out of Control

A World Spiralling Out of Control

Our world is sliding into chaos and whatever happens things will never be as they were before March 2020. We are witnessing light & dark: a world spiralling out of control. This is not necessarily a bad thing for our societies have been built upon nepotism and corruption at levels that are only now becoming apparent to many people; but the revelations of the last 10 months are just the tip of a very dark and cold iceberg and once the veil is lifted completely many people will fall to despair and be horror stricken. For our beautiful world is in the hands of lackeys of The Dark Lord. And when I say this I am not talking metaphorically!

You see in the Universe there are two main bodies of energy – light and dark and these manifest as good and evil. Historically people have chosen to personify these states as God and the Devil – I call them Th’all and The Dark Lord. But this is far too simplistic a definition and does not allow for all the degrees of variance between these polar opposite personages.

I have mentioned before that for every 1 light soul there are 1000 dark souls upon our earth and, in recent months, I fear that this claim has been proven to be true as seemingly good people have fallen into the trap of enablers for evil. These people are weak-willed and, if pure evil is black, they fall somewhere along a grey-hued-gradient that ends in pure white for light and goodness. These humans are extremely dangerous – for they are easily manipulated and prideful and, despite all contrary evidence, are too egotistical and fragile to admit that they are wrong when confronted with solid evidence. Sadly, they are in the majority.

When someone is dark to the nth degree it is far easier to dismiss them. Yet, when a soul is grey hued it becomes confusing and far more difficult to give up on them. But, sadly, this is what those of the light must do for it is these people who soon enough progress from enabler to collaborator and, believing themselves virtuous, happily turn on their neighbours, friends and family as things gather momentum.

And things are gathering momentum.

The words I write come from spirit. They  wish to emphasis that on a collective level what we are witnessing will not end well – but they do not want to seed fear or dread. Rather they wish those of a lighter disposition to acknowledge the futility of trying to save everyone and, instead, concentrate closer to home.

Time is running out to save ourselves and we can no longer waste it trying to convince others of truths they are unable or unwilling to accept. Each of us is on our own journey. So, we should create networks within our local communities of support, and work only with those that understand the gravity of the situation we all face.

Myself I have moved to Eastern Europe where the slide into madness is slower due to limited governmental resources; but sadly, in the western world, there is nowhere to hide or run that will not be affected eventually.

It really is a question of slowing the rot down to give ourselves a fighting chance; for soon enough all that we hold dear, family and hearth, will be stolen from us if we do not act.

So, what to do? This is a complex question to answer as there are as many ways to sidestep tyranny as people alive -which is to say that how we choose to react to this threat is an individual choice.

Personally, I am moving to turn my back on society. I will live a smaller more arduous life under the radar. Prepared to lose much, on my own terms, with my husband we are creating our ‘Oasis of Peace.’ To do this has already incurred great sacrifice. We have moved from the home of our dreams to a lesser abode in a country that holds no sway in our hearts. Like millions of mothers before in wartime I am resigned to losing my son. He does not share my grit and fire for freedom against injustice and we no longer reside in the same country. I fear he will slide into this digitally lobotomised tyranny, and my heart aches. I weep often.

Daily Rick and I learn new skills. Researching homesteading, self-sufficiency and survival techniques. I am teaching myself the ways of nature, foraging and herbalism. We are stock piling items such as hardware, haberdashery and ironmongery. Come springtime we will head out into the wilds to practice our skills.

To be human is to be free and to exercise freewill but the elite see us as vermin – useless feeders to be culled and enslaved. And then fused with artificial intelligence to be drone workers for their corporations. Many are already half way there working jobs for masters who have no regard for them. Companies such as Amazon and most of the big box stores, brands and tech companies fall into this category. They are cynically enslaving people for their own profit and nefarious means.

Their great reset is anything but for you and I.

To survive free means shunning the comforts we are accustomed to – and this is not for all souls for we are not all born equal and most do not have the courage required to tell the masters to fuck off! For to do this makes one public enemy number one where eventually the only real option will be to gather arms and create resistance cells in the hills.

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