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Is There a Link Between Creativity and Enlightenment?

link between creativity and enlightenment

Years back when I was a graphic designer working in Covent Garden, London, I noticed a direct correlation between creativity and homosexuality. Today I wonder: is there a link between creativity and enlightenment?

Back in late 1980’s/early 90’s my life was buzzing and I was surrounded by designers, writers, musicians, dancers and alternative folk. Young and naïve I was surprised by the proportion that were gay. Many years later I watched a scientific documentary which confirmed that the brain of homosexuals is wired with a strong nod to the creative. Following my recent Spiritual epiphany I now find myself looking around and I observe a similar correlation between creativity, spirituality, psychic ability and enlightenment.

Creativity is Integral to Human Spirituality.

Primitive (wo)man painted on caves and made effigies. Danced and sang summoning Gods and Spirits for love, fertility, health, protection and all manner of wondrous magic. The process of making shelters, tools, pots, baskets and other utilitarian objects was infused with the skill, knowledge and creative energy of the maker. The very act of making was spiritual allowing time for reflection and meditation.

As man became more ‘civilised’, much art was commissioned by religious institutions. Our religious orders became the main patron of artists who whipped up wildly fantastical tableaus showcasing angels, devils and gods with, seemingly, devout conviction.

Man is made to create and creative activity, in its many guises, is spiritual and has the potential to soothe the soul.

I know that when I procrastinate and stagnate, stepping away from my creative endeavours, my mood takes a deep, despairing dive. It is as if I have a literal weight pressing down upon me. A black, heavy and oppressive cloud hanging ominously above my head. To be whole I must create. I am only truly content, and at ease in my physical body, when this primeval urge is heeded and honoured.

To be human is to be creative.

Each and every one of us constantly creates on a minute by minute, hour by hour, daily basis. Try to imagine how far you would go without the ability to creatively solve everyday doings, diddles and dilemmas. And yet this does not mean that we are all artists.

True artists are people who are super-charged creative. They present in many guises although we tend to think of them primarily as visual or performing artists. I include writers, inventors and scientists, chefs, gardeners, architects, inspired teachers, number crunchers et al in my broader definition. All are inquisitive souls open to the latent possibility unseen by the majority.

This open mind and heart characteristic is a prerequisite for creating from seemingly thin air.  Inspiration, I now know, comes from spirit and is an intuitive gift insistently whispered to the recipient from higher consciousness.

So, I suggest that artists are a breed apart, not better, but different from the perceived general populace norm. Myself, I have always felt as if I am walking a path less well trodden and have lamented that no sane person would actually choose to be an artist! I have felt that an artist has somehow accepted the burdensome role as oddball creator. That they have agreed to accept the inevitable indifference and often accompanying, damning judgement with stoic resignation. An artist must have broad shoulders and cultivate a Rhino skin and strong belief in their work and mission.

Creators must have faith.

Faith is a word with strong spiritual and religious connotations and I use it carefully here and with due consideration.

Finding conventional religions prescribed and a form of societal control I, for many years, labelled myself atheist. Yet I always maintained that somewhere, perhaps lurking behind a burning bush, there existed an infinite creator and, strangely, I had an inner knowing that ghosts, (or as they now  tell me they prefer to be called ‘Spirits’), really existed.

In June 2016 I experienced a spiritual epiphany and heard the voice of a little spirit girl who simply called to me;

“Mama, Mama Are You There?”

Today I no longer call myself atheist. I am Spiritual. Not to be confused with religious. I realise that I was born not only to be creative but to be a ‘natural psychic’. Sadly, through fear and free will, I thwarted this part of my true nature and destiny for many years. Through establishing contact with the beyond I have gained clarity on my life and purpose and many things now make greater sense to me. I always felt different and refused society dogma and rules. I am a free spirit in the purest sense and since age 11 have known that I had something of creative relevance to do in this lifetime.

Today I am still not sure what the Universe has planned for me. There is no way for me to yet know the manifest form my contribution to the world will take but, I am sure that my role and nature as an artist is directly linked with my connection to the spiritual realm. I have a deep seated knowing and faith that, throughout each physical life we are protected and that divine timing is always in play.

I also have an inkling that spirituality and creativity go hand in hand and will be investigating this notion further in the coming months.

If intrigued you may view a small selection of my paintings here.

With Love xox