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Tough Love

Love is to the world as air – and it is a sadder world without love; but to love blindly is pure foolishness and here, I will explain why:

This is a channelled message.


‘Love is the same as hate by degree, which is to say that both emotions are of the same impetus and yet they manifest differently upon a scale – they are polar opposites but if you have ever loved and fallen out of love you will realise how easy it is for love to slide into the darker realm of dislike and hate.
To love another is a beautiful thing but love should never be to the detriment of either party. If a person is undeserving of your love, through bad behaviour towards you, it is far better to define your boundaries clearly – or walk away.
When New Age gurus spout ‘Love is All’ they are right for without love the Universe could not harvest pure, bright and light energy for creation; but as in all things New Age has skewed the meaning of ‘Love is All’ creating an erroneous belief in many that to be enlightened requires a person to love all equally and unconditionally to the point of folly!
True love should be reciprocal and based upon a mutual and symbiotic respect and any other love than this is a manipulation by the dark to subvert the energetic vibration for less than auspicious creation. And so, the oft repeated phrase ‘Love is All’ is actually a New Age abomination tossed around idly by those who have little true understanding of the nature of the Universe, and your world and place within the greater scheme of things.
In a perfect world love would be all but look around you and see the chaos all around and wake up to the truth that love is not cutting the mustard for there are too many dark souls creating bad energy to make holding space and love the answer. It is time for people of the light to draw a line in the sand, call a spade a spade and stand against injustice and corruption, without fear of being called unenlightened, by judiciously choosing not to love those of a dark disposition that add to the misery of the world. However, to do this a person should be compassionate and accepting that earth is the soul’s playground and each is on a unique journey to learn the lessons deemed appropriate in this lifetime and each soul is at varying levels of awareness and development. Through doing this the light no longer accept the role of enabler and the dark lose a little traction in the Universal Subconscious mind where creation makes manifest through the energies that each and every one of us emit minute by minute. For all is energy and each of you is co-creating your world’s reality moment by moment.’


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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)