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Meditation is all in the Mind

meditation is all in the mind

Since being contacted by a small spirit child, The Little One, back in June 2016 I have been hot-housed, by my A Team in spirit – (yep! we all have a team routing for us in the ether) – for a purpose that I would never have suspected in a trillion, billion years! They have taught me much and guided me to knowledge that I never even knew existed but, despite all this, they often reiterate that when it comes to meditation a gal has to go solo and, in all honesty, this meditation malarkey continues to have me somewhat flummoxed. For meditation is all in the mind and sadly my mind is messy like a drawer full of mismatched socks.

Meditation comes in many forms and a person can get tangled into knots very easily trying to unpick, decide and follow this practice versus another. There are 7 main forms of meditation (Transcendental Meditation/Heart Rhythm/Kundalini/Guided Visualisation/Qi Gong/Zazen and Mindfulness,) that people bang on about, all of which have value. Sadly, all are too academic for my simple tastes. I tell myself that I am too busy to meditate as I bumble through my days, and wonder what chance have I of following a more structured practice routed in minacious self-discipline?

No, meditation for me is a personal thing and despite a less than illustrious start, I feel that I have made a breakthrough in my understanding of my purpose to meditate: for not all men are made equal in purpose purporting to meditation. A person may meditate for medical reasons, to alleviate stress and relieve anxiety and depression. It is great to heighten self-awareness and for some opens gateways to realms unseen. I have no issues regarding my well being that necessitate meditation and my goal is to ultimately draw spirit closer so as I may strengthen my ability to channel the higher realms message of hope to humanity.

Some while back my husband, who is a powerful psychic in his own right, explained to me how he meditated, achieving peace in his mind and arriving in his ‘Place of Perfect.’ His explanation was an eloquent, step by step, guided visualisation kinda meditation which, whilst beautiful, left me untouched. And confused, for although I understood the concept intellectually of his ‘Place of Perfect’ I remained unsure of where this state was to be found and what it bleedin’ felt like!

Meditation like most things these days is consciously over complicated to allow less than scrupulous teachers to sell courses/audios etc ad infinitum to folks less confident in their own inherent abilities.

Here I tell you all you need to know to achieve peace in your mind:

Sit/Lie or sprawl as the mood takes you – ideally outside where you connect more easily with the energy of the earth. Close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds around you. And focus your eyes upwards to an imaginary spot in the middle of your forehead. Rest still and if you mind wanders reconnect with the sounds and the spot in the middle of your forehead. In time you will find that you reach a state of being where you are aware of being aware – but feel as if you are hanging, suspended, between the waking state and that of sleep – the internal chatter will be gone and you can hang out here at will. And this, my friends, is ‘The Place of Perfect’ where miracles may happen. These miracles will vary from person to person and may be mind blowing or mundane in reach but meditation is meditation and the benefits are far reaching.


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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)