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A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life ~ Of Water and Ice

A wise analogy for a happy life: This morning I woke up grumpy and less than my glorious, normal self. Rick, my husband since August last year, caught the brunt of my metaphorical mouldiness squarely on his metaphorical chin. (Fortunately for me he is a solid, sterling fella who forgives easily). He then gifted me his wise analogy for a happy life – Of Water and Ice.

I have had 3 significant relationships in my life. For eleven years I lived with, and foolishly married, a philandering toad! I then enjoyed eight years with a French fella before things zimply fizzled out.

And then, I met Rick. I was 42.

We have been together now for 10 years and things, between us, are beyond great despite the fabric of our daily lives being a tad tattered – hence my less than glowing morning disposition!

Rick is a rare, wise and extremely old soul. He is a powerful psychic who, prior to me, had never told anyone of his abilities. His gifts are as natural to him as the action of breathing and since dot he has communicated with Spirit.

Living with him is never dull and I have witnessed many peculiar happenings but never felt fear. From the beginning I had an unconscious knowing that the visits were of the lightest and brightest spirits who popped by with the purest of intentions.

And then, in June 2016, the spirits made themselves known to me and I gleaned further insight into the man I love and share my life with.

(I know that when I read this to Rick he will feel deeply uncomfortable and prefer that I keep stuum but, in the context of my message here, what I share is integral).

It transpires that Rick and I have a spiritual team rooting for us in the ether! And Rick is a respected member of this team reincarnated to help me succeed – I know, I know the woman is delusional!

The Spirits call him ‘The General’ and often counsel me to heed his guidance. For he is wise and often blows me away with his ability to give solid advice and create meaningful analogies.

Of Water and Ice: A Wise Analogy for a Happy Life

So, back to me being magnificently mouldy this morn.

Churlishly I wittered on about having a positive message to share with the world, through my natural talents, which continue to be generally overlooked. I struggle with the indifference much of my work receives. My writing is sound and my art considered and yet I continue to blow in the breeze, for the most part being ignominiously, ignored.

So here is what he said:

“Linda, you matter. The world does not matter. If you are in a room looking out of the window what is outside is of little importance. It is only when you open the window that your world is influenced; you allow the air, the sounds and smells to change your experience. Continue with your work and don’t let the outside influences change you – keep the window shut”.

He continued;

“You cannot change the whole world you can only change a small part of it starting with yourself and how you choose to react to it”

He stopped for a moment and added;

“Think of water and ice. Imagine a glass of water and a glass of ice. You can instantly change water by flavouring it with, perhaps, a cordial but pour that cordial in the glass of ice and the frozen water remains impermeable – unchanged, solid and unmoved. You cannot hope to reach everyone but for those that resonate with your message their glass is the water that benefits from the flavours of your cordial.”

Now I might be biased but this is genius and, feeling more chipper, I felt compelled to share it with you!

We create our own reality and if operating from a place of honest intention should shun the indifference and opinion of others upon us.

We owe it to ourselves to be true to ourselves and stand tall and proud in our truths.

With Gratitude and Love xox