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Selfishness and The Soul

Selfishness and The Soul

The Soul is something that we have been indoctrinated into believing bunkum – but bunkum it is not; for we are spirit, this animates the soul, and soul in temporary physical form. The soul has been elevated to be the prize by the corrupt elite who run the shit show we witness on earth today. Through their cynically evil manipulations they intend to harvest as many souls as possible to strengthen their numbers in the etheric realms. The dark is as real as real can be and here I wish to discuss Selfishness and The Soul and how this feeds dark agendas.

What follows may read as a fairy tale but I ask you to keep an open mind for time is running out for humanity. As freethought is to be demonised and those that dare contradict the main dystopian narrative are to be victimised and silenced once and for all. Throughout the Universe all is energy. A soup of vibrational ingredients ranging from high to low frequency. There is much talk of 5D consciousness and 3D earth and ascendance and many confused teachers believe that earth is ascending as I write. Sadly, this is not true.

We are witnessing the end days and humanity as we know it is on the verge of extinction. That is not to say that earth will be destroyed or people will no longer walk upon it. Rather, we have front row seats to the greatest tragedy ever to befall humanity.

And this has been planned for millennia!

Dark forces are now emboldened and openly flout their deviance secure in the knowledge that the odds are in their favour – 1000 dark souls to every one light! And of those light many are still listening to false prophets and denying their own intuition. This is a travesty for, with the internet, we all have access to data, facts and truth if only we are not too lazy, or fearful, to scratch below the surface of misinformation and downright propaganda and lies. When we sense that all is not well in the world it is a consummate act of selfishness to not dig deeper to appraise ourselves better of what the truth might actually be.

For knowledge is power: and this is war.

Over the years we have been trained well to scorn those that dare to contradict or confront political correctness. People who have the balls to call out dimwitted, erroneous thinking. For instance, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ This is without a doubt true – but it is no truer than ‘All Lives Matter;’ but to say this finds one branded a racist! Whilst those that proclaim ‘Black Lives Matter,’ hold the moral high ground and pillory the sane souls that value all life. This is folly on speed – for the eternal soul sees not the colour of  fleeting skin, each of us having experienced many lives in many bodies strewn across many continents throughout many ages! This divisive agenda promotes selfishness. I am better than you. You are lesser than me.

And to be clear: selfishness, in all forms, is a dark trait.

The agenda here on earth is to divide and conquer – a proven battle tactic that is being played out blatantly before our very eyes. Today.

For instance – the mask! Take a simple thing such as a face covering – a seemingly innocuous and protective item to be worn to protect us against a virus. This useless covering is being forced upon us all in the name of being a caring citizen. And those less able to think for themselves are being encouraged to turn on any who dare to not comply. Snitch and Snark are happy to abuse and inform on fellow man. They are content to be manipulated to police society – doing the bidding of dark souls and thereby turning to darkness.

The dominant narrative, spoon fed us from those whom ‘purport’ to care, is blindly adopted by the somnalent masses. It spouts that it is selfish to not wear a mask – but whilst trumpeting this opinion far and wide/loud and clear people exhibit extreme selfishness. And stupidity. For the mask is an evil weapon, the thin end of the wedge on the road to purgatory! And by docilely acquiescing to the mask people pave the wave for greater dictates which will end with the theft of our children and ultimately our souls!

To support this is pure madness and consummate selfishness aka darkness for it is actually condoning pure evil.

To believe that a thin and flimsy, germ ridden face covering is protecting us shows a distinct lack of critical thinking. Yet this belief is not necessarily the fault of any individual – for we have all been subjected to years of indoctrination and lies masquerading as truth. And, despite political correctness, not all men are born equal up top! Nor are all opinions valid – for once a person is able to say that emotional intelligence and IQ are on a sliding scale it becomes pretty obvious that the opinion of an erudite, well informed, soul is not akin to that of a less blessed individual. And whilst an unsavoury statement to make this is absolute, un-politically correct, truth!

So, we have been systematically denied the knowledge/truth that we are eternal spirit animating soul. Instead, we have been corralled to forsake the spiritual, not religious for that is another tool of the manipulative Satanists, in favour of the material. And threw this trickery humanity has been undone for soon enough the technology we so enjoy will be used to create a eugenicists wet dream – a hybrid, artificial intelligence human, hollow and utterly devoid of spirit and soul. It’s every movement, thought and desire controlled to the endth degree.

Darkness will rule our world without opposition. And the balance, that all life and creation throughout The Universe relies upon, will be compromised through the harvesting of the souls, conscious energy, that fell to darkness – people too selfish to make a stand for the peace and freedom of future generations. Fools who ignorantly demonised those that stood against tyranny with words such as ‘Your selfish refusal to wear a mask endangers my children and elderly parents!’

And finally, to be clear, the mask is but the thin end of an insidious wedge as evil gains momentum. Tightening its grip on our beautiful world and sorry necks as it leads us all to death and abject misery in the guise of caring.

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)