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Spiritual Codes and Ciphers

code and cipher

The other night I received a surprising, revelatory and complex coded message. I spent half the night Googling, (actually I use Presearch – a blockchain search engine free from snoopers,) spiritual codes and ciphers and the other half as excited as a flea. Codes and ciphers create energetic pathways and are tools of wisdom and magic. They are a favourite means of communictaion for the spirits who are masters at veiled messages.

The spiritual realms love a code and rarely speak in plain language, preferring to communicate in metaphor and analogy. They often interupt my slumber with visual flashes of obscure scenarios and dreams which meander with ease and allegory. When I awake I ask my guardian angel, Matthew,

‘Was that a message?’ And invariably he replies ‘Yes.’

We then chat, telepathically, as he helps me to unravel and make sense of the narrative and guidance knitted within. These messages are now a regular occurence in my life and are intriguing and informative. As I progress along my path I am being guided to embrace my true nature and purpose which is to help others to edge towards enlightenment. For, in our troubled world, self knowledge is power and the unseen realms wish to help humanity ascend and avert destruction.

As time passes man will come to realise the true nature of government, church and institution and realise the importance of self actualisation which is attainable for one and all.


So, the next time you have an image flash before your minds eye unbidden or a rambling dream do not be so keen to dismiss it. Rather sit with it quietly and ask if it was indeed a message for nine times out of ten there is hidden meaning and guidance within.

They now wish to chip in:

‘Man is a pragmatic creature and is often quick to dismiss or rationalise the unexplainable. We here in the realms of spirit walk by your sides constantly and use all manner of ways to try and catch your attention and lend you a helping hand as you bumble along your way. If you get an intuitive flash or feeling take a moment to reflect upon it for there will be wisdom woven within. You see we speak to all of you, often in code and cipher, but few care to listen – this is a crying shame for together we can work to save earth and humanity from the worst deprivations which loom on the horizon and assist you to fulfil your own truest potential and  purpose.’

These wisps are real folks! And they are ready to help us all. All you need do is ask for their help with purity in your heart ~ then, listen carefully with all six of your God given senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and extrasensory perception.

Be Happy xox

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