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Tough Love


Love is to the world as air – and it is a sadder world without love; but to love blindly is pure foolishness and here, I will explain why: This is a channelled message.   ‘Love is the same as hate by degree, which is to say that both emotions are of the same impetus and yet they manifest differently upon a scale – they are polar opposites but if you have ever loved and fallen out of love you will realise how easy it is for love to slide into the darker realm of dislike and hate. To love another is a beautiful thing but love should never be to the detriment of either party. If a person is undeserving of your love, through bad behaviour towards you, it is far better to define your boundaries clearly – or walk away. When New Age gurus spout ‘Love is All’ they are right for without love the Universe could not harvest pure, bright and light energy for creation; but as in all things New Age …

enlightened soul and lightworker

Spirituality: Awe and the State of Being.

Spirituality: So, I am being mentored by a team of loving light spirits. I now speak with them regularly as they advise, guide and educate me about the subtleties of being an enlightened soul and lightworker. This process of education can be tough and finds me feeling inadequate and tearful a lot of the time. It is hard to comprehend and adjust to the reality that everything that I do is visible to my spiritual mentors. I find myself living more mindfully. I have worked alone since 1989 and have never had to take or give orders. I have existed in a utopian bubble which, whilst at times a tad tough and lonely, has given me autonomy and freedom in my everyday life.  As a lightworker I am expected to lead by example and guide others and to be effective I have to listen, learn and act according to the wisdom shared with me by my mentors. This is certainly challenging for me as I am headstrong and overly independent. Last night I was chatting …