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The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe in a Nutshell

7 universal laws of the universe

The Universe is an ordered place to hang out and once a person understands the laws that govern all creation and life it becomes far easier to live a life that most can only dream of. There are 7 Universal Laws of The Universe and then The Law of Attraction. These laws are the backbone of The Hermetic tradition which is an ancient wisdom which, through contrived elitism, is known by very few. My guides, in the Angelic Realms, wish these laws to be shared far and wide for once understood man has the key to stepping into their individual power.

1: The Law of Mentalism

This law simply tells us that everything we perceive as real is but a construct of The Universal Subconscious Mind where everything that was/is and will ever be exists.

2: The Law of Correspondence

As above so below/As below so above: This law makes it relatively easy to understand the unseen realms as it succinctly tells us that things are pretty similar up, down and around. This allows us to better understand things which few of us will ever experience whilst in physical incarnation.

3: The Law of Vibration

Everything within The Universe is energy vibrating at different rates which are responsible for how a thing turns up in the world – for everything is made up of the same stuff dancing to a different tune. Once a person understands that anger/greed/selfishness etc is of a dense energy whereas joy/love/compassion etc are of a light energy the key to manifesting a cheery reality for one and all becomes a possibility. Energy hangs out with like energy, in the Universal Subconscious Mind, where it gathers momentum until it is utilised to create reality on both the micro and macrocosm.

4: The Law of Polarity

This law allows us to understand that the whole construct of The Universe relies on opposites at play which are but degrees of the same thing. For instance, Love and Hate are to be found on the same metaphorical line – far on the left/far on the right; and in between lay all the varying degrees of extreme.

5: The Law of Rhythm

This law reminds us that to experience any emotion we must, by default, be familiar with, through experience ordinarily, the opposite. So, to fully embrace our happy we are to know what sad is. Life is like a pendulum swinging between the two.

6: The Law of Cause and Effect

In essence everything that happens, or is, is because something triggered it into being. This tells us to be mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds which are the fuel of all creation and, as such, powerful beyond our imaginings.

7: The Law of Gender

Everything in The Universe is both male and female and should express both aspects of being if to be balanced and healthy. This law has nothing to do with sex in the gender or carnal sense but rather tells us that we are a combination of the feminine and masculine despite how we present ourselves to the physical world.

And then there is:

The Law of Manifestation

This law is the poster boy of the Universe’s Universal Laws but not actually of them, for it can only exist when in harmony with the 7 leading Universal Laws. The Law of Manifestation is in essence about how we can, by applying the previous 7 laws, become the master of our own lives and destiny and draw all that we desire, when pure of intention, into our life. It is a law that is open for misunderstanding and abuse and is only possible to be successful when a person commits to living by the previous 7 Universal Laws – (consciously or subconsciously!) To be a badass manifester a person must first concentrate and commit to living a harmonious existence whereby one manages feelings and emotions with consummate ease. The 7 Universal Laws help to hone this ability and thereby allow each of us to become formidable beings living extraordinary lives.

All 7 Universal laws, plus the bonus ball, are the basis of our existence. When applying them, to create the life you wish, beware: for, should you abuse them, you will be obliged to repay karma and reincarnate. Know that nothing slips by spirit unnoticed and each of us is held to account for our good doings and misdemeanours.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)