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The Art of Being Awake


In a world where it serves the elite for us to be a bunch of somnolent morons it is high time that we paid attention to the alarm bells ringing all around. From a tender age we are processed into compliant little sausages: minced and mixed with bland bread to bind us to a system where we are told we are loved and cared for from cradle to deathbed. This, of course, is the biggest pile of poop imaginable to anyone left with a smidgeon of imagination and miraculously able to function outside of the ‘accepted norm!’ After years of systematic indoctrination, being fed untruths and squashed into round holes, there is surely an art to being awake.

It takes a concerted effort to shake off inherited beliefs and slide out from under the soft, snuggly duvet which cosily and conveniently smothers freethought. The path to being a powerful divine being, which is the natural birth right of each and every one of us, is fraught with self-doubt and slippery banana skins aplenty!

To stand in your individual power and shun the accepted rhetoric of government, church, institution, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances takes courage; but, as the globalists play out their evil end game to cull and enslave the remaining population for their own aggrandisement, it is high time to quit hitting the snooze button. Time is running out for humanity to wake up to the truth that is more and more evident all around. War, famine, disease, poverty, a two tier social system where 1% control 99% of the people and wealth and many are left to die unjust deaths through policy designed to destroy cultures and peoples. It truly is self evident that all is cynically designed to subvert wealth to a few on the backs and misery of the many and anyone who argues otherwise is just one small step away from anniliation and truly sleepwalking through life. I myself often have conversations with folks who believe the false rhetoric of governments peddled through mainstream media, which are in the pay of the elite, and I wonder – how can anyone be so blind? With this in mind I despair for the majority of people who will, no doubt, read this and call me delusional – (if indeed they read this at all!) Harsh words maybe but we live in harsh times and the clock is ticking: and so it is time to rattle cages and the chains of those who, believing themselves free, are actually in bondage.

The world is corrupt to its mantle core – ruled by a bunch of megalomaniacs with an agenda too bizarre for most to believe. Hence: those who foretell truths seemingly more fantastical than fiction are branded delusional or conspiracy theorists. To be enlightened is often to be ridiculed. And yet much of what folks such as David Icke, Corey Goode, Neil Kramer, Regina Meredith, (amongst many illustrious others,) say is based in truth. And yet it must always be remembered that truth comes in many shades and hues. It is a slippery critter and can mean many things to many people and yet, ultimately, there is only one truth and that is Source or God who wishes man to know that what I write here comes to me through his team in spirit. Writing this leaves me feeling deeply uncomfortable, I am open to attack from many quarters, but I have a thick skin and can weather the scorn for the greater good of all.

The Universe is not as we are led to believe. There are irrefutable laws which span space and time and apply equally to our physical reality and realms unseen. We are not alone in this construct and the spirits wish for me to help nudge people into a more encompassing awareness of reality. We are all supported by guides and angels and have it within ourselves to tap into this loving and benevolent source of wisdom and guidance. The spiritual and angelic realms are alternate planes of existence and exist in parallel to our physical plane which is inhabited by many other species of beings throughout the vast Universe. Governments and church are aware of this and, over many years, have systematically denied us all our true heritage. For, to know this truth is to know that you are all powerful and the creator of your own, and shared, reality. The creator of all wishes humanity to know that nothing is as it seems and charges me to shake people from their slumber. This, of course, makes me sound like a nutter but hey – in for a penny in for a pound!

To gently rouse you from your doze my guardian angel Matthew asks me to share with you now a few suggestions to kickstart your awakening;

  • Meditate – This, he tells me, is the simplest way for a person to raise their consciousness and need not be a laborious affair. He advises to simply take 10 minutes a day and to sit quietly and try to empty your mind. Through commitment to this practice a person stills their being and miracles may happen.
  • Get yourself out into nature and quietly observe the seasons and enjoy the tranquillity whilst grounding your physical being. Mother Earth is Gaia’s gift to humanity and is oft overlooked in these busy times. By walking in the outdoor’s a person absorbs loving energy that raises a person’s vibration and allows for a ripple effect to occur within their own small sphere of the world. By raising your personal vibration, and that of the collective, reality can be altered for the greater good of all.
  • Read, or listen, to books related to spirituality. I have a list of important reads here to get you started.
  • Examine your beliefs without fear or judgement and identify how many are actually your own and weed out those that have been placed in your psyche by outside influence.
  • Turn off the news and kick newspapers to touch! Carefully research world affairs independently with an open mind and refuse the biased narrative. Scepticism rules with a dash of faith and belief.
  • Honestly review your life and lifestyle and ask yourself how free you really. Personal freedom is worth far more than a swanky home, car, holiday or designer clothes which we are told will make us happy but, by design, ensnare us into a system of drone work and debt.

To be awake, or consciousness, is a prerequisite for survival in the coming years as things gather momentum and society unravels. It is a foolish soul that po poos this truth but all is not lost as the spiritual realms have a plan which will be revealed in divine and good time. It is audacious and will leave those who have caused the destruction of earth all alone to inherit the mayhem of their own making: it requires that everyone assume responsibility for their own lives and stands against authority regardless of consequence for the spirits wish me to assure you that nothing ever dies and that all that is will always be although clothed in a different guise.

To discover ways in which spirit communicates with us all you might find this here of interest  – and it may even further help you discover the art of being awake.

Be Happy xox