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The Art of Creation

The Universe is one helluva creation and never stands still. Things that appear to be the same over many years are actually in a constant state of change and this can be witnessed short term, as if watching a speeded-up time lapse film, with the short life of a bloom. As an artist my work has never stood still and I am always looking around the corner for the next creative accident that leads me down unexpected paths – stumbling upon happy accidents showering vibrant, creative sparks. Yet, there is an art to the art of creation which centres upon showing up regularly and putting in the gritty, not so pretty, grunt work.

Recently my Team in Spirit have been gently chivvying me along to establish a routine whereby my spiritual studies, writing, social media, art and husband are all embraced and celebrated! For, they caution me, a life is short and they do not wish for me to pass back to spirit having not fulfilled my true creative potential.

I have committed to listen to my audible books whilst sewing up a storm. This work is small scale, portable, (handy for when on the hoof,) and experimental. I term ‘them’ energetic studies and patiently await grander work to reveal itself. The fabric I use is harvested from French Brocantes, a nod to my previous activity as antique dealer living in France, and each morsel of weave is chosen for colour, stain and story. Houses and things hold the energy of the past and by using old cloth and stitching in hair, crystals, twigs and the likes these wee creations become energetic beacons of a ritualistic nature. They are also studies in quiet subversion as stitch is historically considered to be a process to create things of practical use whereas these delights are created for the sheer delight of creating.

God, Source, Infinite Creator or The All, as the hermeticists term the force behind creation, is a conscious being that champions creativity as the primary reason his ‘evolved, sentient being creations’ are in physical form. Through intelligent play lessons are learned and the soul, over many lifetimes, slowly creeps closer to source. We are all here to ascend and despite what we are taught at school, where we are indoctrinated to be compliant slaves to a system rigged in the favour of the few at the cost of the many, we are meant to live creative lives on our own unique terms.

God is the ultimate creator and as such has made man in his image: to be ultimate kickass creators rather than drones who work in dead end jobs to pay for materialistic shit that is extraneous and unnecessary for an individual to live a happy and creative life. Far better to be materialistically poor and yet free to play than to be enslaved. These words come direct from source!

Spirituality and creativity are sexy bedfellows who dance a merry and romantic fandango to the energetic tunes of The Universe. With this in mind I ask you: have you ever noticed how many artists/writers/dancers/musicians et al are spiritual, not talking religious here, and often light in being?


Many of our feted cultural heroes including John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Mozart, John Constable, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Edward Blake to name a few were indeed, my team in spirit tell me, lightworkers extraordinaire! My team continues to inform me that 90% of successful artists, in the broadest sense of the word – think ‘creators,’ are indeed lightworkers!

And yet, sadly, there is a flipside to this coin. For the creative spirit is open to all experiences far more than your average spirit and therefore can be easily seduced into erroneous thought and behaviour and slip into darkness with relative ease. This is where the romantic, yet highly damaging, notion of the impoverished, mad artist in a garret comes into play. Depression and addiction are feted as ‘normal’ behaviour for a person tormented and frustrated by their own creativity – I am thinking of Van Gogh here who ultimately took his own life whilst in the throes of creative despair.

Watercolour by Adolf Hitler. Source Unknown.

Winston Churchill in his studio. Source Unknown.

Darker yet are personages such as Hitler and Churchill who were both extraordinarily creative and talented but chose to use their creativity for evil ends. Both are damned souls. Hitler was an accomplished artist as was Churchill but, both men chose to subvert their creativity and use it against humanity. Mostly everyone knows of the evil of Hitler, but few are aware of the depraved nature of Churchill who has been honoured by the British people as their saviour. Yet Churchill was an evil man who was one of the leading lights in the illuminati in his day, and he is directly responsible for the travesty that is the Middle East we now witness. He was an imperialist and globalist and the ally of the New World Order and as such is in fact worse than Hitler who was simply a depraved man. Churchill was highly intelligent and aware of the end game, which is to cull and enslave humanity for the aggrandisement of the few. As such he is, my team in spirit tell me, one of the worst souls to have walked the earth and has been consigned to the underworld – (think non- recyclable trash can,) where all souls deemed beyond redemption are tossed aside, for eternity.

Creativity is integral to life and it is a foolish trait of society to dismiss it as trivial for it is the foundation of all and as such should be championed in all its various guises. Each of us is born inherently creative but as time passes we can easily lose touch with this truth. Therefore, I challenge you to step into your own particular, peculiar creative being and to blind us all with your own unique diddlings and doings!

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)