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The Law of Attraction is Bunkum

The Law of Attraction is Bunkum

For some long while I have had a niggling feeling that the Law of Attraction is bunkum for, if it were a Bona fide law, there would be a glut of highly motivated individuals bathing in their warranted success rather than scratching around like frustrated chickens.

I truly am sorry to burst your bubble but I have this truth confirmed from on high! And, to be honest I feel rather like I did when forced to tell my eleven year old son, (yes eleven!) that Father Christmas was not real – but hey, it’s dirty work but some sucker has to do it!

There are only 7 Universal Laws in the Universe of which The Law of Attraction is notable by its absence. Not so long ago I wrote a piece on this and accredited The Law of Attraction as an eighth law which stood apart from it’s seven brothers! I was wrong – my bad. (You can read it here if you fancy.)

It is nigh on impossible for man to understand the true nature of reality – which remains, on balance, beyond even the most erudite of minds. Many have and continue to try and unpick the construct of the Universe but trying to do so is like frying an egg in a sieve! There are some things, my team in spirit advise me, that man is not meant to know and as such they advise me to keep things simple and concentrate on all that consumes a physical being on a day to day basis rather than pontificate on imponderables’.

We are each and every one of us skipper of our own vessel; meaning that, whilst The Law of Attraction is a preposterous pile of poop, you are still responsible for your own reality. For instance: my lifestyle is somewhat impoverished by accepted western standards – and so, I have a choice: I can either lament my lack and skulk around, demoralised, with a face like a wet washing day in June or I can find joy and gratitude for the small things which I experience daily whilst holding faith and continuing to stoically work towards my goals. These two differing attitudes create entirely different realities; the first is a gloomy affair, the second shows acceptance in the face of adversity and the ability to be grateful whilst living in hope. In short, we create our reality by how we chose to process all things and consequently we manifest what we truly ‘are’ into our existence. And now I defer to Matthew, my guardian angel:

‘What Linda says is true and for some time we have been considering blowing the lid off of The Law of Attraction pot; for there are many self-proclaimed experts spouting nonsense to folks desperate to succeed. One of the greatest proponents for The Law of Attraction is Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks, all of whom are valued messengers who serve for the greater good of all. And yet, their teachings are erroneous on many levels primarily because people have chosen to cherry pick the poster boy highlights and distil them down to a worthless blend of mind mush!
I counsel people to be wary of any that claim to have succeeded by applying the fundamentals of The Law of Attraction and encourage you to, instead, familiarise yourself with the legitimate 7 Universal Laws of The Universe. (HERE.) By so doing you cut out the need for all LOA teachers who are little more than grifters selling false hope to millions – albeit unwittingly!
By appraising yourself of the 7 Universal Laws of The Universe you are well equipped to lead a successful and happy life but I caution you that not all men are born equal and, as such, not everyone is destined to strike gold! This is a highly unpopular truth but true it is for each and every one of you is on a personal journey to enlightenment which spans more lives than crystals of sugar in a cup of tea. As such each and every-one has to experience rich man/poor man/beggar man/thief -an unpalatable truth which should help one to be more accepting of those that err in life and ones’ own lot.’
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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)