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The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

The Law of Attraction is Over Simplified Bunkum!

If positivity was all that was required to successfully practice the Law of Attraction I would be a millionaire several times over by now – but, of course, there is much more to this manifesting malarkey than most would have you believe. To successfully and consciously manifest your hearts desires a person has to bust all self-limiting beliefs and work on self-awareness. And even then, a well-rounded individual who strives purposely with intent towards their goals can be undone; for much of what is pedalled about the Law of Attraction is over simplified bunkum!

Yes, you can visualise, create boards and fake it until you make it but all of this fundamentally ignores the unsavoury truth about the Universe which is a lesson in polarity. For, in our world today, there are 1000 dark souls to every 1 light which means that there is one helluva lot more, low vibrational, dense energy being pumped out daily into the ether than light, bright and shiny delight! (Yet please, do not despair, for one small glimmer of light is equal to 1000 gobs of dark and can illuminate the way – phew.)

Have you ever looked around you and wondered why the scoundrels are sitting pretty whilst those of a fairer nature are struggling to survive? Are you a light soul battling to hit your stride? Why is it, so often, that those that are the most compassionate and generous have the least in a world of plenty?

The answers to these questions are multifaceted but I will answer them in a simple fashion for complexity is used to confound and confuse by design:

The scoundrels are sitting pretty because they rarely have a conscience and care not one jot for who they step upon to achieve their goals – harsh but true. These people are degrees of dark and as such pose no threat to the dark. The dark I here you say – pah! – we create our own reality, you parrot! Like attracts like, and fear attracts dark. Want more want, lack more lack etc, etc ad infinitum – you see I know my onions! Yet what the Law of Attraction teachers omit to mention is The Universal Subconscious Mind. The Universal Subconscious Mind is like an etheric, energetic soup where all that was, is and will ever be floats around eternally- good rubs shoulders with bad and like clumps together with like to make bigger clumps of energy with which God, The All as he prefers to be called, can create anew and housekeep The Universe. Each and everyone of us is responsible for the energy we funnel out daily into the USM, we are co-creators of reality, but there is an enormous imbalance between light and dark energies within the USM and this allows for lack and evil to manifest into our reality.

Folks who are light struggle in our world for, believe me or not, there is an unseen war raging between the forces of light and dark throughout The Universe. Humankind is part of this war and responsible for most of the dark energy in the USM. Those that are the lightest shine the brightest and are like beacons in the USM, dark energy is drawn to light like moths are to lamps, and they are actively targeted by the dark who fear and despise their power and purity.

I myself have been a victim, all my life, of the dark who have sent agents to derail and hijack me to stop me from stepping into my true nature and power and exposing truth. It transpires that I am a powerful messenger for The Higher Angelic Realms, (blimey, who’da guessed,) and shining like a beacon in the USM was deemed worthy, by the dark, to destroy! For years I was in destructive relationships with men who were dark and sent to extinguish my light. Family, so called friends and acquaintances were and continue to be quick to judge and add to the negative fugue that swirls around me. Doubters and haters have been a fixture of my life ever since I can remember and yet I have remained balanced, on balance, and never given up on myself, my dreams and true essence.

Thus, those that identify themselves as empaths and lightworkers, the good guys and gals, most often have troubled lives and suffer emotional and material deprivation.

And yet still things are even more malevolent than that! For with each negative comment, judgement or call against a person negative energy is funnelled out into the USM where it is actively used against the recipient of the abuse. Bonkers eh?! Yet true.

Understanding this truth allows a person who relentlessly strives, with limited success, to make sense of things, as you comprehend that your efforts are being undermined at best/cancelled out at worst by the dark energies directed to you via the USM.

Once one gets this it becomes a mild irritant when in response to an admission of lack someone erroneously, yet with good intention, asks you

‘What is it you need to change in your life to achieve your heart’s desire?’

And my answer? –

‘I need my nemesis’ to shut the fuck up, whilst I shine brighter than a firefly on speed on a wet Sunday.’

And so, you see, a powerful lightworker who understands this is a great threat to the dark. And it is therefore open season on the pure souls capable of blowing to smithereens the smoke and mirrors of our reality. For it is these people who are helping facilitate the ascension of many which will undermine the dark’s grubby grip on our world and universe.

The guys in the skies now wish to add something:

‘What Linda has shared is important and blows much of the understanding of The Law of Attraction to pieces! It does not matter how positive and proactive towards attaining your goals you are if you are being targeted by the dark; but please, do not despair for there is a simple fix for this dilemma.

And it is this: a prayer, reaching out to your guides and angels. If you are experiencing blocks simply say the following each night before retiring to bed;

Father I ask that you surround me with auspicious, loving light and make me invisible to the dark so that I may step into my power and serve the greater good whilst attaining my heart’s desire. I ask this with love and gratitude in my heart, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.’

With this prayer we will then be able to assist you in your life and endeavours; but until you reach out, we remain hobbled – for freewill is always respected and we will never interfere in a life unless directly asked.  Believe in yourself and hold the faith.’


Be Happy.

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Be Happy xox


(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)