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The Nature of Truth

the nature of tr

Truth is like a pesky slippery eel, which wriggles and writhes, slipping through the fingers of all. The nature of truth is ticklish, and nigh on impossible to pin down – for every situation and hypothesis is perceived by those that witness or analyse it from a slightly different standpoint and then processed in an entirely different manner. And this is why there is no such thing as definitive truth in the mind of humankind.

Yet truth does exist in the Universe and is known as Absolute Truth.

Absolute Truth can only be known by ‘God’ or ‘The All’ who is ‘Infinite Mind.’

For the rest of us, with ‘finite’ minds, are unable to comprehend the vast truths held within the Universe and must do our best to understand any given situation with our limited faculties. This does not mean that we are stupid but we are limited.

This is by design; for we cannot know Absolute Truth as this would compromise creation.

Creation is a mental construct and, as such, cannot be understood in it’s entirety by a limited, finite mind and this is so as to protect the Universe from unscrupulous minds or energy.

Truth comes in many degrees ranging from Absolute Truth, known only to ‘The All’, to Relative Truth which is where mankind starts to understand the concept of truth and its varying degrees. Between Absolute and Relative Truth, lie degrees of truth where it takes on many hues and shades depending on conditioning and intellect although this often errs, rather confusingly, towards opinion!


So, it is always imperative that we are tolerant to ‘truths’ which do not tally tidily with those we hold dear as each of us is coming to the party with varying gifts and taste which may, or may not, please the host.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)