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The Notre Dame – Hypocrisy and Flames

the notre dame hypocrisy and flames

With the tragic destruction of part of the Notre Dame in Paris we see how screwed our world really is and my blood boils as everything that is wrong with our beautiful world is illustrated concisely in the events of the last several days. The Notre Dame, hypocrisy and flames.

Before I rant, I wish to emphasise that I am an art school graduate, practicing artist, with an attuned appreciation for beauty. I love culture and travel, and adore mooching around museums, stately homes, castles, churches and cathedrals. Nothing is more wonderful than history made manifest and embodied through human creation, and the loss of any artefact, ancient site or building is always beyond sad and makes my heart bleed and my soul sag ever so slightly.

And yet I find this latest loss mightily irritating on many fronts for I see hypocrisy and priorities askew; and people rallying to the aid of an institution which has no need of aid at all; and, on balance is bloody undeserving of any charity.

Hypocrisy – Why, I wonder, is it so awful to the Western world that The Notre Dame is partly destroyed whereas most do not blink at the wholesale destruction of edifices of longer standing, that actually hold keys to the truth of our reality and The Universe at large, elsewhere? Specifically, I refer to The Middle East? – ancient sites blown to smithereens, and museum collections and libraries pillaged and heritage lost to all with many small-scale objects now being sold to the highest bidder on Ebay!

Priorities Askew – Within hours of this devasting fire I see that as I write there has been an incredible 1 billion bleedin’ Euros donated to repair this beautiful building and, whilst this is a must do project, I wonder why this money is not offered to help alleviate the everyday human suffering that plagues our world. For surely man, although a transitory being, is deserving of shelter, food, water, clothing, education and medical care whilst alive on earth? Our world is a place of plenty, there is enough for each and every one of us to live a comfortable life, and it is wholly unacceptable that humanity allows the daily suffering of fellow man when resources are plentiful. As succinctly illustrated by the cash crawling out of the woodwork here! And I ask you this: when The Grenfell Towers burnt in London, June 17 2017, and many plebians’ died and lost their homes, where were the fat cat cheques then?

The Beast that is the Roman Catholic Church – This corrupt institution is part of the global elite that denies man his true spiritual heritage and divine connection to The All. It is richer than rich and has absolutely no need of contributions to repair The Notre Dame for the sum required would be little more than chump change to this golden treasured goliath.

The Guys in the Skies now have something they wish to add:

‘We on high are devastated to see The Notre Dame so beleaguered but at the same time despairing over mans inhumanity to fellow man. For whilst this historical building is of great value to raise spirits it has no more power to do so than a loaf of bread to a starving child. For 1 Billion Euros there would be enough bread to feed millions of starving people for several months and it is shameful that billionaire corporations willingly sign over millions to their elite cronies for a fusty building to be repaired whilst ignoring the lack and misery they themselves help to create through their corrupt and self-serving policies. If this does not wake people up, to the corruption and nepotism which is rife in your world, we fear nothing will.’

-The Angelic Realms

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)