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The Purpose of Any Life

The Purpose of Any Life

Most people have little to no idea of the purpose of any life and blunder aimlessly through their days’ acting surprised when things do not go as they would wish. In a world that has been fed lies to encourage a sense of separation and entitlement, coupled with abject Capitalism, man is lost and souls are losing ground. That is to say that souls are descending rather than ascending as planned for in the realm of spirit.

This is a channelled message.

Life is not as most people believe it to be – for a successful life requires very little except basic needs be met, then love, compassion, creativity and community at heart. Love, compassion, creativity and community are words that fall on deaf ears in societies obsessed with fame, power, status and shiny baubles to the detriment of self and others. And it is a poor soul that values things above people and self above all else.

The malady that consumes your world we call ‘The Madness of Men.’ It is not an ailment that can be easily cured until people are ready to listen to truth, which is contrary to everything they hold dear. Here I share this truth for those ready to listen:

My Dear Humans, you are on a course to self-annihilation through greed and foolishness for rather than slave away at mindless work to pay for goods most often created on the backs of those further down the chain of enslavement than yourself, you would be better served to sidestep the lie and create a life devoid of abject consumerism. It is a rare soul that actually enjoys their work and a rarer soul still that refuses the trappings of comfort in exchange for freedom. My messenger here, Linda, is one such soul that, for 30 years, has turned her back on a world which she perceived mad as young as when she was just 11 years old. This choice is not for the fainthearted as a true free spirit is pilloried by those souls fully indoctrinated by the system designed to rain scorn upon those that refuse to play by manmade rules that benefit very few.

To go to work day in day out, year on year and do work that slowly dims a person’s light, and steals the joy from their heart, is far more damaging than most imagine. For each and every one of you is a substation energy plant in service to the main power station known as The Universal Subconscious Mind, USM, – (you can read more on this HERE.)

Everything in the Universe is mental in accordance with The Law of Mentalism; which is to say that life is but mind at play – and each and every one of you is a player in the theatre of the Universal Subconscious Mind emanating energy which flies out into the USM. This energy is then harvested to fuel further creation and maintain the Universe. The importance of each individual’s energetic contribution to the USM cannot be over stated for those that discharge low vibrational energy through sadness, fear, frustration, hate, spite et al are as petrol on the flames of less than auspicious creation.

In a world consumed by war, famine, disease and corruption it should not take any critical thinking individual long to realise that humanity has been, and continues to be, played by those souls of an unscrupulous, dark nature in positions of power who understand of what I speak.

Create a world where individualism is scorned and where the people are a homogenised whole with those that dare to dissent perceived by those sleepwalking as flys’ in the ointment and you soon enough have the people in your thrall obeying your every command. Depress the populations and you have more low vibrational energy available to create more misery ad infinitum!

The Purpose of Any Life: Physical life is given to a soul to allow them to express themselves fully whilst learning lessons which create harmonious energy which can then be used for the greater good of one and all throughout the Universe. And a successful life lived, is one that abides by this philosophy before being consumed by material aggrandisement and joyfully shares any good fortune accrued with those less fortunate than themselves.


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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)