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The Shadow Side

The Shadow Side

I have never understood the idea of the shadow side and sense that it is nowt but new age nonsense designed to confuse and cash in on peoples need for guidance and greater understanding. My opinion may well be about as welcome as a rabid dog in your backyard but, I have it on good authority, that I am correct in my assessment. The Shadow Side is conceived to confuse and control people looking for greater truths and has the power to tie one in tangled knots forever and a day!

I could chunter on here but prefer to defer to those that know more than you or I; and so, the following is channelled from The Higher Angelic Realms:

‘Linda is right with her assessment that the shadow side is a falsity designed to confuse and disempower people for there simply is no such thing – and it is time that man stopped this nonsensical truth from being propagated. Souls are either light, dark or grey, (indifferent,) and with this FACT the idea of any one soul having a shadow side is immediately and irrefutably debunked!

Of course, there will be those that try to argue differently with linguistic nuance and tricky arguments but when something is something it cannot be otherwise; which is to say that a tree is a tree with or without its shadow!

To take the analogy of the tree one step further let us consider a young sapling planted alone in the middle of a field.  Imagine this tree as it grows and more trees are planted all around. Until one day it is a mighty Oak and is King of the woods! Now this tree has light from above yet casts shadows upon all the other trees. Does this make this tree dark or is it just that it is bigger than the others? My point here is a tree is a tree is a tree – just as, a soul is a soul is a soul.

To continue this analogy, for we here in The Higher Angelic Realms love a carefully crafted analogy, this tree stands tall and now towers above all the other small trees in the forest and yet it does not wish them harm but through its presence other smaller trees wilt and die through lack of nutrients and light. Does this make the mighty Oak ‘dark’ or is this just a nuance of nature? Of course, this a nuance of nature. And so, it is with people! People are born with their soul and spirit fixed but have the opportunity through the life they are gifted to learn and step towards becoming self actualised; which is to say that they move into the light or higher up the ladder to enlightenment and ascension.

The concept, for that is all it is, of the shadow side was cooked up by the Catholic Church to steep people in sin and thus wield power over them through creating fear for a soul damned for eternity – this is complete and utter tosh and bunkum and you would be well advised to step away from any religion which operates with a God that demands fidelity whilst threatening ruin.

There are leaders, losers and followers in life and each soul has unique lessons, carefully conceived prior to incarnation, to learn – be that soul light, dark or grey. Any one soul is acting strictly in accordance to its true nature and therefore there simply is no shadow side to explore for it truly does not exist! Those that say otherwise are either seriously confused or charlatans and, in both cases, should be dismissed as false prophets.

In the Universe there are 7 Universal Laws one of which is The Law of Polarity which allows us to understand that similar states are one and the same by degrees. It is this law that may be misrepresented to substantiate the existence of the shadow side but this is self-defeating: for, whilst The Law of Polarity discusses the extreme states of being of, for instance happy/sad, light/dark –  these states of being are actually one and the same – by degrees. Therefore, The Law of Polarity succinctly demonstrates that the concept of a shadow side is nothing more than nonsense conceived by cunning minds to deceive and control; for a person in turmoil, and fear, is easy pickings for those that wish to rule and exploit them.

To finish I wish to caution you to be wary of those that, through good or bad intention, lead you to endless navel gazing pondering your shadow side. We tell you this: your time, and money, would simply be better spent getting on with your daily living – watching comedy reruns or walking in nature, rather than picking scabs and exposing flesh and soul to soreness – thus allowing yourself to become diminished.’

The Higher Angelic Realms

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)