The Universal Subconscious Mind

Reality is a tricksy butterfly to pin down and man has been deceived for very many years as to the true construct of The Universe as a tactic to subjugate and dumb us all down into compliant chumps! And yet the truth, whilst more fantastical than fiction, is actually very simple once one applies The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe to their thinking – for all is mental as the first law states. Here follows an explanation of The Universal Subconscious Mind.

That is to say that you/me/we and every other being or thing lives purely in mind: for The Universe is a Mental construct. To elucidate further imagine that; The Universe is one bigger than big, ginormous vat of etheric, energetic soup with infinite, individual ingredients in the mix adding to the whole; each smaller than infinitesimally small ingredient is conscious energy and through the way it behaves helps The All, or God, to co-create reality. In The Universal Subconscious Mind everything is created with the raw energy that all individual ingredients infuse the soup with, which means that thought, word and deed create flavour, or energy, which clusters together and acts as the raw material with which The All can housekeep and continue to create the ever expanding Universe.

In the Universal Subconscious Mind everything creates vibration which is energy behaving in ways relevant to the character and action of the ingredient. For instance, Black Pepper is hot and fiery and adds spice – its energy might be feisty and challenging; whereas butter, or milk, is soothing and its energy would probably be calming. With the energy created by thought, word and deed The All has the raw energetic ingredients to maintain and continue to add to The Universe or, in this analogy, the soup which is The Universal Subconscious Mind. It is like this that reality is created and once a person fully comprehends this truth, they are able to, by utilising The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe, mindfully create auspicious energy which helps to manifest a positive reality both locally and globally.

In our world today, too many people are living mindlessly and accidentally feeding negative energies into the etheric soup where it allows for evil, and less than desirable, outcomes to manifest into being.

We, in the Angelic Realms, encourage people to embrace this truth and live consciously with kindness and compassion in their hearts for we are all co-creators of the world and Universe that we share and inhabit.