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Tough Love

tough love

Love is a subject that I come back to time and time again as it is the basis of all creation and life and fundamental for good health and wellbeing. And yet, in our world, love is so often misrepresented and abused and tough love is scorned. For, powers higher than you or I tell me, love is erroneously given unconditionally to those that are undeserving – this is a contentious statement that many take issue with but what follows is a channelled message that you may refuse or not be able to yet comprehend – but it is offered in the hope that it is received in the spirit of love and caring that it is offered:

On high we watch as your world falls into disarray and those that are good and true cannot find consensus and thereby unwittingly give the reins of control to madmen devoid of love for earth, nature and fellow man. And we weep as those who try to convey messages that contradict well versed New Age doctrine about unconditional love are deemed dark and evil. In the Universe at large are energies that jostle constantly for the advantage and in accordance with the Law of Polarity these are Light and Dark with a middle ground of ‘in between.’ These energies are seriously compromised by all that is taking place in your world these days for the balance between light and dark on earth is seriously compromised in the favour of less than auspicious energies. You have been told that love conquers all, and this is how things should be, but sadly with imbalance this truth has become compromised. In your world are 7 Billion, or so, souls and for every one true light soul there are 1000 dark – many of whom masquerade as light and sling mud at the truth tellers making their work as messengers of love and hope in troubled times even more difficult. Love is a hard thing to pin down and categorize but here I will tell you a tale that may help:

‘There was once a young boy who was born into a home where he was starved, beaten and sexually abused. As he grew, he was subjected to further abuse by teachers, neighbours and strangers and yet he remained hopeful in his life to one day find true love and peace. Many years passed before he found a woman of integrity who was deserving of his heart but in the interim, he endured an abusive first marriage and a second failed marriage that saw him used to simply better this wife’s financial status. The boy, who was now a man, never gave up on love but became discerning with whom he shared his feelings realising that not all people are equal. As time passed, he and his third wife withdrew from society as they were misunderstood. For they were different from most people and so, finally they chose to live as honest hermits.

One day in the forest they camped a small mammal came to them injured. Together the man and his third wife helped and healed the creature who grew strong and finally left. A cold harsh winter followed and the couple did not have much grain left and were concerned for their next meal. One icy morn the wife went for a cup of the husks at the bottom of the barrel only to find that all was gone! Distraught she fell to her knees and found the creature they had nursed back to health sleeping with a full stomach. Alarmed she ran for her husband who, without hesitation killed the creature before setting to work preparing it for the oven. The wife was disgusted and ranted at her husband who ever so calmly replied; ‘My Dear, we extended kindness and healed this pitiful animal and in return it ate the last of our food. This is a selfish act devoid of love and due to its actions, it revoked it’s right for unconditional love.’


 It may be your conclusion that this critter was undeserving of death but, when starvation looms, those that abuse the hand that feeds them should expect harsh and swift action detrimental to their well-being – tough love. For it is a foolish soul that spares the rod and ruins the child. That said: in normal times this wee beastie should ideally be extended leniency and forgiven its transgression. However, if it were to continue to act from a position of entitlement and selfishness, showing no remorse, love should be withdrawn for it will have shown itself to be dark and therefore undeserving of love. For darkness has no love for light and casts it as a fool. Love has to be honoured, cherished, nurtured and merited – and any that say different have been seduced by dodgy doctrines. And so, it is a brave and loving soul that stands against the consensus with truths that most refuse; knowing that they will be much maligned and scorned for speaking against accepted ‘New Age Wisdom’ cynically conceived to disempower individuals.

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)