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What If?

What If?

What if what we are witnessing unfold is part of a grand plan to expose the dark and eventually oust them from earth eternally?

It has been a year now since all our lives were turned topsy-turvy-turd-style-upside-down and sideways. And, for those that see clearly, we now inhabit a world which no longer looks familiar. The faceless elite, who operate in the shadows pulling strings and levers – and yanking the chains of their henchmen, are laughing at the ease with which the majority of weak assed fools have allowed them to destroy their lives.

For now, statistically, the fallen are few – first wavers who were always vulnerable due to reliance on state and debt, but in the coming months those that believe themselves inoculated against financial ruin and destitution will also feel the noose tightening around their necks and this, cruel as it may sound, is not a bad thing as, in most cases, it is warranted.

I myself know many smug folks who believe themselves secure in their castle; sadly, their walls are about to be breached. For no one is to be spared the ignominy of ruin. The dark plan is for all ‘common man’ not of the chosen ‘bloodlines’ to be diminished. Dead by a thousand paper cuts! The ‘useless feeders’ are to be culled and, if nothing else, this whole debacle has highlighted that most people are selfish, useless fools deserving of this stinking title!

What? I hear you scream! How can someone who purports to be light say such a heinous thing? Well, it really is quite simple – those that through silence or their actions condone the dark, that consumes us all, are indeed useless feeders and of no consequence to all that is light and true. And, for the new-age-love-light-namaste-brigade who read this, let me highlight that there is a huge difference between judging and assessing which sees me full of compassion for those who have fallen to the dark.

So, I am starting to believe that this whole sad and sorry affair is necessary. Humanity had lost its way with a culture of false fame, tits and satanic evil at the helm. Wannarbes everywhere consumed by their egos and perceived status of being the hero of the day. People too busy to lend their family, friends and neighbour a helping hand. Guarding their assets furiously and refusing to share their fortune with those less fortunate. Swathes of the populations of the world too busy and self-absorbed, or even remotely interested, in truth and exposing corruption. Human trafficking, sexual predation and the exploitation of the young, weak and vulnerable. Obsessed by dollars, shiny trifles and themselves most people happily continue to ignore all that lurks in the shadows.

Man has become an ugly beast and this less than Great Reset will be a painful and humbling affair for many as they witness the dwindling and theft of their assets and the death of the life they loved and the select few they hold dear.

Dark times are here and darker are coming.

We have front row seats to ‘The End of Days.’ But what if this was a planned inevitability to eradicate the dross and allow the light to rebuild a fair, more equitable, and sustainable world whereby man, despite all beautiful differences, lived in harmony and were equal?

I think I might be onto something! And, with this in mind, I find acceptance and that I am more able to let go and let be whilst living my best reality and continuing to cook up inventive ways to stymie the dark!

With Love xox

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)