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When you Self-Sabotage

when you self-sabotage

You and I, Harry and Harriet are all part of an intricate, infinite jigsaw puzzle and how we each choose to live our lives has a significant impact on the picture of reality of one and all. When you self-sabotage, you inadvertently harm all. This truth is rather shocking and should serve as a wakeup call to be the best we can be for the greater good of all.

The Universe is energy and whilst we perceive a rock to be a rock to be a rock, solid and unchanging, this is not actually so. Everything vibrates at different rates and what seems to be still is actually vibrating so slowly as to appear static. The truth is that you and I, as physical beings, are nothing more than energetic bundles of cohesively configured matter, (which is itself energy cohesively configured ad infinitum,) and as such our energy flows in and into, around and through all that is, ever was and ever will be! Hence when you think, feel, do and say your energetic frequency melds with all the energies around and influences ‘The All.’ That is to say that your thought interacts with The Universal Subconscious Mind where it attracts the dominant vibration and creates accordingly.

The All, (God – not keen on that word!) is The Universal Subconscious Mind and you and I are imperceptibly small pieces of the puzzle of this uber infinite consciousness where creation, through influencing energy, unfurls. As seemingly insignificant individuals it is easy to think that you and I have no impact upon the creation of reality but this is not so, for, on an accumulative communal scale, we have the power to affect the whole.

With this realisation comes a niggling realisation; that it is impossible to understand the Universal Subconscious Mind and the construct of the Universe, and that it is not so very wise to drop down into a rabbit hole and get lost in navel gazing – searching for an understanding which is beyond the finite mind of man. Some things, my guides tell me, simply have to be taken on trust!

Unpicking this truth has taken me plenty time but, through the acquisition of this knowledge, I can now see quite clearly that I have been self-sabotaging for the last thirty years and, yet worse, I have helped my enemies in my own undoing and contributed to a world reality that is far less than rosy.

Creation is a mental activity and its engines purr on the fuel of thought. At first this seems odd for we wonder about word, deed and emotion, which also contribute to create reality, but nothing comes into being without first a thought. Once we accept that creation is through thought energy, which melds with the Universal Subconscious Mind and swirls and intermingles with all thought that was, is and will ever be, we start to realise the importance of mastering our minds.

Erroneous thought creates bad energetic vibrations whereas correct thought creates good energetic vibrations. All thoughts float out into the etheric soup, which is The Universal Subconscious Mind, where they attract similar vibes and create reality based upon the dominant energetic vibe.


Whilst I write I always verify the accuracy of my chuntering with my Guardian Angel Matthew who now wishes to chip in:

‘Linda please let me explain a little about your own life here to help you and others understand more fully. You Linda have many people who dislike you and throughout your life they have spoken ill of you behind your back. At the same time, you have struggled hard to provide for yourself having chosen to shun ‘the system’ and follow your true creative nature. This has caused you much deprivation which has fed the fires of judgement and scorn upon you from those who chose not to accept your true nature. This has created a low energetic vibration around you that has negatively influenced your reality to the point that your life became so challenging that self-doubt started to slip into your consciousness. By entertaining self-doubt, you started to unwittingly self-sabotage which led to a downward spiral of events to the point that today you are what many would term ‘impoverished.’ And yet Linda you are far richer than those that judge you lacking for you now understand the true nature of The Universe and are on a path to true enlightenment whereby you will outshine all of your detractors. Energy accounts for everything and by understanding this you are now starting to create a bright future for yourself and will rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Your story is a tale applicable to many souls and should not be easily dismissed. We, here in spirit, advise people to listen to your words and think carefully about how they are pertinent to their own lives.’

So, there you have it!

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(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)