word from spirit

The following words are channelled from spirit:

You may rest easy when dead. So, whilst on earth make every minute count for once back in spirit there will be things you wish you had appreciated more whilst in physical form.

If I were you I’d look to the past for ways to do things without the convenience of modern day gadgets, and cut loose from the need to consume the trivial. Time is a precious commodity use it wisely.

The Eagle is a mighty bird – King of the skies. Be like the Eagle.

To be light does not mean that a person cannot be fierce in the face of darkness!

It is foolish to respect fools who through their inability to accept hard truths compromise the collective.

You don’t fish for Salmon in Shark infested waters.

Look within not without, for true happiness lies within – & those that say otherwise are deluded.

When it is raining, you are sad or blue, what should you do? Look within for the glimmer of hope and blind the world with your courage, and light.

There are people in your world who come what may smell of roses, and then there are others who come what may smell of rotten eggs – the question is: who is light and who is dark?

For every light soul there are 1000 dark which explains why  humanity is suffering so much.

To be a rounded human a person should remain creative with a childlike love of the world.

You may think the spiritual realms a figment of the over active mind but think back – have you ever rationalised away a strange occurence through fear or ignorance of that which exists beyond the eye?

If you knew that come the day of your passing back to spirit you would be held accountable for all your earthly doings, would you change anything about the way you chose to live your life today?