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Five Little Letters with the Power to Create Reality

Five Little Letters with the Power to Create Reality

Words – (five little letters with the power to create reality,) are the effect of the cause called thought and are mighty, energetically charged doobries!  Words are infused with meaning and intent, although most people sling them around liberally without knowledge of the power of tongue, the string of consonants and vowels given voice or script given form in ink.

Words are potent, and potentially fatal, and humanity must wake up to this truth to outwit those of a lower vibration who toss insults and hate like candy in their wake. Whilst the spoken word is supercharged energetically the written word also has great power and should be scrawled with care.

Everything in The Universe is energy which is collated and given form as this, that or the other and language is a main contributor to the process of creation. Whilst thought is a powerful manifester word is high octane manifestation chug-chug juice and therefore it is necessary to watch what comes out of our mouth scrupulously: for an idle aside, or quip, can cause a ripple effect and harm the recipient and have further reaching implications for the whole of reality.

Those that are thoughtless with what passes their lips, or flows through their pen, add to the misery and devastation we all witness in our beautiful world.


The guys in the skies have this to say:

‘People have little care for language and are all too easily offended by chosing to misinterpret and twist genuine messages. This is a mere reflection of how that individual choses to see their world. When someone is erudite it does not mean that they are trying to belittle. Nor does it mean that you should try to outwit them for language is easily misconstrued and arguing over semantics futile. Be respectful of others and treat them as you yourself wish to be treated and, for goodness sake, stop judging those that speak truth as being deserving of your contempt.’

– The Higher Angelic Realms.

And so, the next time someone needlessly causes harm by tossing out thoughtless words consider politely telling them to take their scurvy ass elsewhere for their energy is not required, nor appreciated, in your vicinity.

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Be Happy xox

(Since November 2018 my writing is truly collaborative with spirit as I am now a channel for them and charged with bringing truth and hope to humanity.)