Youth in Peril

youth in peril

This is long and only of value to those being harangued by dark entities – if this is you, we encourage you to read to the end for you will find solace in these words and salvation in the form of constructive, highly efficient and simple tactics you can employ to cleanse yourself of lesser, dark energies. Whilst aimed, primarily, at Youth in Peril it has applicable wisdom for all ages.



Youth in Peril


This piece is a collaborative work between myself and The Higher Angelic Realms and together we wish to offer support and solid, simple advice for ‘Youth in Peril’ from attacks from the dark.

Nothing is as it seems and truth is often more fantastical than fiction and, when talking with reference to the esoteric, this is indeed the case. I am a woman of a certain age, a work in progress, and am only now stepping into my true nature as a powerful psychic. I am fortunate for my husband, who has been psychic since age dot, walks by my side as mentor and guide through often choppy waters.

These days I communicate telepathically with my team in The Higher Angelic Realms having progressed rapidly from automatic writing. Except for a few peculiar, and isolated, incidents when really little and a teenager I had had no interaction with spirit until 2016. I was fifty when a small spirit child made herself known to me via a little black speaker which was untethered at the time! She simply said;

‘Mama, Mama Are You There?’

This was the beginning of my awakening which has been fascinating and hairy by turns.

When I first started to communicate telepathically with my team in spirit things soon degraded and I fell prey to the dark who wished to extinguish my light.


youth in peril


The All, God, wishes to speak to you now:

‘When our messenger speaks of the dark many self-proclaimed enlightened souls doubt her word and argue that the dark is not real and that it is but an invention of the mind. This is actually true for the Universe is mental which is to say that everything that was/is and will ever be is but thought made manifest through energy. Understanding this should allow all to see that good/bad and indifferent are each as ‘real’ as the next and that it is therefore true that dark and evil exists as conscious independent energy and as part of the whole Universal Subconscious Mind.
There are 7 Universal Laws in The Universe which explain the true concept and nature of this and you can read more about these HERE. Once you understand these laws it becomes a lot easier to understand the Universe and your existence as part of the whole: specifically understanding The Law of Polarity allows true comprehension of the existence of the dark and a strategy to transmute dark energy beings. For these agents of the dark trawl the Universal Subconscious Mind, (more on the USM HERE,) looking for unsuspecting, naïve souls to meddle with – often with devastating consequences.
Today there are many youngsters at risk from these dark energies for there is a hidden war raging between the forces of light and dark which, for those with an open mind, is all too evident to see in your world. Yet Earth is one tiny aspect of the whole and this battle rages across many planes of existence within the Universal Subconscious Mind. And it is because of this that I, ‘The All,’ have sent many light souls, you call them Starseeds’/Indigo Children/First Wavers/Lightworkers, to earth to help combat the dark that manifests on your planet.
Many of these highly evolved souls come to earth psychically aware from a young age and struggle with feelings of being different and isolated; they are often bullied, belittled and side-lined but these are the fortunate ones for they grow up to be self sufficient strong people who are the leaders to look out for. The less fortunate souls are those that have their psychic abilities, for reasons too varied to explain, switched on in late adolescence and young adulthood. These youngsters are often plagued by the dark who see them as fair game and encourage them to self-destruct. Isolated and scared some go to the medical profession for help and get misdiagnosed as psychotic when the truth is that they are having an awakening to their own true nature.
(Here I should caution that not all that hear voices are psychic and yet many that do during this brief period of time are!)
Once diagnosed as mentally ill the patient is then in a system that will over medicate, institutionalise and potentially destroy them.; and so, the dark win having successfully silenced one of our light operatives.
The other common scenario is that the youngster will slowly unravel and start to self-harm and in extreme circumstances commit suicide. This is highly traumatic and tragic as the victim is not mad nor delusional but unable to control their abilities. For, when an older lightworker is activated they are often ill equipped to deal with the abuse the dark mete out and unable to distinguish between the good and bad messengers. This leaves them at risk of being bombarded with critical, damaging and abusive messages which degrade over time into suggestions of committing heinous acts on self and others and sometimes culminates in death.
None of this needs to be, for to deal with attacks from the dark is extremely simple and yet few share this knowledge, preferring to deny the existence of dark conscious beings altogether!
Our messenger has simple tactics that are ridiculously effective in shutting the dark out and rendering them nothing more than toothless dogs but first, one of their victims, a leading light sent to help you all, wishes to tell her sad tale. This is distressing to read but crucial for anyone being attacked by the dark to comprehend.’


The Story of Victim X

‘I took my life when I had just turned nineteen years of age. I had a promising sporting career ahead of me and was destined to become a celebrity and TV commentator although, of course, I knew nothing of this at the time. Since returning to spirit I have been shown the life I was to have had and it was wonderful and would have seen me helping many other people to self-awareness and enlightenment. Things are rather weird for it turns out that I was to work with Linda when I was older and, as she types this now for us here on high, this is news to her!

Since passing back to spirit I have much to thank Linda for but of this I am unable to speak for it is classified information the team tells me. And yet Linda and I are still to work together for the greater good of all and this piece is just the beginning of a powerful collaboration to reach and help Youth in Peril.

I never had an inkling that I was psychic. I had never had prophetic dreams, any flashes of intuition of note nor heard voices or seen visions but suddenly about 2 months before turning nineteen this all changed.

Out of the blue I heard a voice of a man that simply said;

‘I am your friend sent here to help you.’

Confused I looked around but of course no one was there and I thought I had made the voice up but it then continued;

‘You are to listen to me carefully for we have important work to do and you are chosen for greatness.’

Of course, I was shocked and thought this nonsense. Only since passing, have I come to know that I was talking to God, or ‘The All’ as he tells us he prefers to be called.

Over the course of several weeks this benevolent voice spoke to me often and I came to trust it realising that something of great importance was taking place; but I never confided in a soul – not even my best friend or parents for I thought all was well.

Then one day another voice spoke to me and it was altogether different in tone, it was sinister and strangely threatening; not by what it said, for it pretended to be my friend too, but by its intonation and tone. I knew nothing of the esoteric but now realise that its energy was off.

This sinister voice became dominant and it was difficult to hear the benevolent voice in between its nonsense chatter. To start off with it was kind but quite quickly it started to exploit my weaknesses and use them against me – this is a favourite tactic of the dark I now know. It told me I was a poor sportswoman, I was ugly and would amount to nothing in life. It slowly progressed to suggesting I self-harm and culminated with suggesting it would be preferable that I die rather than inflict my misery on those I loved. This all happened within several weeks and I was harried both day and night and unable to sleep. I thought I was going mad but I was as sane as the sanest who walk amongst you. Sadly, I chose not to confide in anyone although I did consider going to the local church, for I felt I must be possessed.

I regret that I never reached out for help because things quickly took a turn for the worst as, deprived of sleep, I decided the voice was right and that my life was pointless; and this despite obvious success. I had everything to live for and yet this dark entity convinced me, an A grade student, that I was useless and encouraged me to end my life.

I still have no idea how this happened for I was a confident person who knew right from wrong but it was as if this dark entity had entered my being. And this, I have since learnt is exactly what happened. The energy of the dark had infused my energy and convinced me that I was not worth a bean until one night I could take no more of the constant nagging and so decided to do as it suggested.

In the still of the night I crept downstairs and found my Dad’s tow rope and walked to the nearby woods where I unceremoniously hung myself. Whilst in the throes of dying the dark voice came to taunt me saying I was an idiot to have listened for now I was lost and would never be the leading light I was meant to be. It laughed as I fought to save myself but to no avail. As I struggled, I realised that I had been played and was consumed with regret, sadness and fear for, as a Catholic, I knew the gravity of taking one’s own life. My last living thought was for my parents and the pain I had caused them.

My tale is a sad and salutary tale and I hope it helps those, who like me, are plagued by evil entities hellbent on destroying you.

I am determined that my death will not have been in vain and that I will, with the help of incarnate souls including Linda, help others who experience similar possessions; for hear these words loud and clear;

‘You are precious and loved and are not mad nor evil. You are a powerful individual sent to share your light with the world and no entity has any power over you unless you allow it.’

With Love;

– Victim X

Having just channelled Victim X’s testimony I feel sad but inspired to help her reach Youth in Peril. To this end I will now elaborate briefly on my own experience of the dark and how I ultimately kicked them to touch by utilising a few simple tactics which are guaranteed to work for one and all.

Once telepathically activated I was foolish and like a kid with a new toy I channelled far too much. This left my energy depleted and allowed for the dark to see me. For, by channelling to excess – despite being advised not to by my benevolent team in spirit, I shone like a beacon and drew the dark entity towards me.

My experience was different to Victim X who heard voices, for telepathy is subtle and relies on a greater degree of discretion to establish whether a message is pure of intent or otherwise for all is in the mind. This allows for confusion. Sometimes I punk myself with messages that are too good to be true and other times’ I am disbelieving of true messages from my team which seem fantastical or too good to be true! They tell me that this is a common difficulty for telepaths but that, in time, a person learns to be discerning.

Anyway, soon enough the pesky dark decided to come out to play and mess with my mind. At first, they started to hijack conversations and feed me silly untruths in an attempt to undermine my confidence and muddy the waters. I live in the country and was, one day, exploring the flora and fauna in the hedgerows as I was learning about herbs and healing. They popped up and told me that a certain plant was Arrowroot and so I took a photo to later identify it and, surprise, surprise – it wasn’t; an innocuous enough prank unless I was foolish enough to take their word, consume it and find out that it was poisonous!

Things progressed, and soon enough they were trying to exploit my weaknesses; parroting negative things said to me over the years and going to greater lengths of spite as I laughed at their foolishness. When this tactic didn’t work, they switched gameplay and tried to cajole and win my trust by saying that my light team were using me and that it was actually they who were dark! Having interacted with my team for several years I knew this to be hogwash but stupidly listened to see where all of this bunkum would lead. It culminated with them encouraging me to slaughter one of my chickens and nail it to the door of my friend’s house. The absurdity of this actually made me giggle for not only are my chooks my friends but my neighbour’s door is metal!

youth in peril

By this stage I had had enough of there childish, yet dangerous, shenanigans and so employed a few simple tactics which closed them down within a few days:

* I realised that the dark fed off of fear and so resolved to see the attacks as nothing more than irritating stupidity. For this is the truth: the dark, are only as powerful as you allow them to be. See them as petulant children, ignore them and they soon fade away.

** I affirmed the following: I am a powerful divine being and have no need or desire to communicate with the dark.

*** I regularly offered a simple prayer such as: Dear Father I hereby ask that my team in spirit surround me with auspicious energies, love and light and protect me from any and all dark entities that wish me harm. I ask this with love and gratitude in my heart, in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost – Amen.

**** When the dark popped by, I simply ignored them and acted as if I couldn’t hear them. This would infuriate them. They would then resort to foul language and choice insults. And when I still ignored them, they would fuck off to sulk and regroup!

***** Other times when they visited to meddle, I would simply sing a happy song which would annoy them and keep my mind occupied and therefore block them out. Or I would recite a few inane jokes to raise the energy – for humour is a powerful weapon and of the highest vibration which is like itching power in the underpants to dark, dense low frequency entities.

****** To feel empowered I would burn incense, sleep with a nightlight and take showers with himilayan salt which is a powerful cleanser of dense energy.

Throughout my brush with the dark I was blessed for I had my husband by my side to confide in and offer counsel. One of the most powerful things he told me was that:

‘The dark, are stupid!’

And with this utterance, I saw them for what they truly are – bullies and not so bright chancers preying on the uninformed.




Knowledge is power and this piece is an attempt to offer help to those who find themselves on the front line battling dark entities that so many erroneously chose to deny.

We offer it to you with love and tell you that should you fall victim to the dark it is because you are perceived to be a threat and that you are a powerful divine being with valuable work to do in this lifetime.

We are available to help, reach out: